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Turned my Saints 2021 Calendar to September, and of course it features Danny Ings' knee slide against Portsmouth. Such good memories of that game, but having to look at his mug every day for this month is not appealing.

Have we ever had a calendar where we've actually still had the players in the later months at the club by the time we've got there...

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23 minutes ago, alehouseboys said:

Personally I can't understand why anyone would hold a grudge for Danny Ings. I'm happy to have seen him play for SFC, excellent player, and that night and goal celebration in front of the portsea island fookwits gives him freedom of the city in my books.

I thought he might have hung around.  We got his career up and running, nearly got the golden boot, no offer from a top 6 club, local lad, club wanted him to stay.  

As usual I look for loyalty when there isn't any.  I hope he has a very average season and I hope we finish above Villa.  Probably both unlikely.

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