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  1. Think it was foreverredandwhite who once spammed the main board to the extent he was the last poster on every thread. Pretty impressive.
  2. David Luiz will be their undoing tonight. He's an oaf.
  3. Valery and Vokins then? Bound to weaken us a little. Fingers crossed...
  4. Certainly appears to be. Even at St Mary's I remember him having a poor game. Poor passing, getting the ball nicked of him. Lemina gave him a hard time that day and Strongarm scored twice if I recall.
  5. Personally I thought Tella showed more promise than N'Lundulu, the little I've seen. I wouldn't mind seeing more of him, although I guess N'Lundulu is a more like-for-like replacement for Adams.
  6. Good to see Ralph taking the cup seriously. I think this was the difference between the teams today, Arteta preferring to invest in Tuesday's game over this one. If we can just get past Wolves....
  7. http://fightpass.site/covid19/2021/southy/
  8. Actually thought this one might stay for a bit. If he goes I will truly have learned my lesson.
  9. It's actually Tchaptchet which seems to have a quantity of silent letters and can't be played in Scrabble for at least 2 reasons.
  10. Manuel

    FA Cup Draw

    I had a terrible feeling about the Liverpool match and have a terrible feeling about this one too. Hopefully, somehow all this adds up to a result!
  11. Clumsy idiot. Doubt he tidied up afterwards either.
  12. JOURNALIST SAYS SOUTHAMPTON ARE IN DEMARAI GRAY I wonder what they mean. Let's hope they're able to get out before the next game.
  13. He's managed only 2 or 3 years at all his previous clubs, so it doesn't bode well unless he sees something different with us. He's managing in the best league in the world now, so that's something. It may be that he sees Saints as the highest platform to let his style of play show through and will stick with it (providing he's given reasonable backing!). As written above, a top 6 club just may not suit him for the time being, or it may be wishful thinking on our behalf.
  14. Usual suspects excellent as usual. Diallo now looks completely settled. Actually quite liked Valery on the right, was a decent change to make. Tella and N'Lundudu didn't look out of place. Fantastic result and, from me, completely unexpected.
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