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  1. We've been pretty fortunate with injuries. If we had half the numbers of players injured as some of the teams around us we'd be down to the bare bones.
  2. Chez, I thought he looked more useful in this one....
  3. Totally. Plus always a risk judging performance in Scottish or second tier leagues but if you can play, you can play.
  4. My extensive and expert youtube analysis has the CM pretenders in this order of preference: 1 -Sangare 2 - Ntcham 3 - Everton kid (don't think he'll add much despite being prem-ready). Can't see Loftus-Cheek coming here so haven't included him.
  5. We are doing the Handmaid's Tale. Christian religious extremism in the USA, Islamic State style. I quite like it.
  6. I think the Dutch league suits us. I watch a fair bit of Eerste Divisie and the quick passing and relentless movement seems something like what we're trying to achieve. But players from the Dutch league that we buy generally prove me wrong (actually I didn't mind Clasie).
  7. Yep. It's too much, too easy to read and counter.
  8. Yes, keep pressing the unmute, I think 3 times and you’ll get it...
  9. Another option if needed that is working for me... https://daddylive.live/channels/stream-25.php
  10. Salah's had Koch in his face the whole game.
  11. OS said something about "not yet fit enough". Lol, hope he knows what he's getting in to...
  12. Seems reasonable.... https://soccerlegacy.net/premier-league/crystal-palace-vs-southampton
  13. McCarthy KWP, Stephens, Bednarek, Bertrand Smallbone, JWP, Romeu, Redmond Ings, Adams
  14. Definitely, the writing was on the wall. Palace 0 Saints 3.
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