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  1. NOT Newcastle supporters, despite previous suggestions that they might have been. Sensible owners it would seem. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59024191
  2. Cornet made the difference for them. Without him Burnley looked pretty toothless. Shame we couldn't have got him, looks a steal at 14m?
  3. I imagine it's kneejerk from their fans after seeing saw Broja score the other day. Chelsea still have good options otherwise Broja wouldn't be here. By January I imagine they'll both have recovered.
  4. What a man does with his dick is his own business. I just don't want it rammed down my throat.
  5. Nah, haven't seen anyone get asked. The site says you may need to show proof of double vaccination, which I have on the NHS app, but nobody has asked to see it thus far.
  6. Big investment in that player, threw hundreds and thousands at him.
  7. The way a little brother celebrates when he finally get's one over his big brother. That's how I saw it.
  8. Fleet, on the M3 Southbound has improved lately, is half decent.
  9. Wolves aside, I think we're better than the table position suggests, even without Ings. We have decent depth too now, in most areas. If Broja continues to come good I think we'll be ok this season. Maybe he'll even hang around for another season if he still won't make Chelsea's starting 11.
  10. Manuel

    Ibrahima Diallo

    More positive and effective than JWP, and I like JWP. An improvement.
  11. Just looking at the replay. That late challenge on Broja when he scored, from which he appeared injured, should have been a booking if not a straight red. Reckless. From 2 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wSlvAcNHEI
  12. Agree, although in my opinion, Diallo and Broja were the difference between that Wolves performance and today. Both an improvement in those positions.
  13. Yeah. He was superb for most of the game, real quality, then one error, a misplaced pass from him put him under pressure. After that the Leeds player seemed to go straight past him and was on goal. Uncharacteristic. I wondered if there was some miscommunication between him and McCarthy.
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