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  1. If people are upset about the name of the Blackboys Park then I think it's fine and right to consider changing the name. Why would anyone fight to keep it when the name basically came about because the plants that grow there apparently show a resemblance to black people. I'm all for preserving history but there's nothing here to protect. Most of the rest of the stuff posted here I have little sympathy for though. I haven't been convinced by any 'cultural appropriation' argument. It mostly seems to want to see prejudice where there isn't any. Adele having an African style hairdo for
  2. Couldn't agree more. I don't watch much Man U but when I do Pogba looks like a weak link. I'm not particularly confident about Sunday but was looking forward to watching him not coping with the pressure. Last time I saw him live was the 2-2 at home. He was poor that day and it was Lemina making things very hard for him. Lemina was better that day.
  3. Three days of National mourning! I wonder what we'd get for Gazza...
  4. http://fightpass.site/covid20/2020/wolverhampton-w/
  5. What I thought, and gained an advantage. McCarthy doing wonders again...
  6. https://soccer.streamsgate.tv/event/wolverhampton-vs-southampton-match-preview/
  7. Just looking at the Pepe/Alioski incident again. Obviously Pepe lost his head and the red is justified. Should Alioski also get a yellow for "attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury"? Surely no reasonable viewer would believe that dropping, clutching his face was a genuine reaction? Obviously done cynically to get the game stopped so VAR can have a look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI7fxXQdeOU&t=1m13s
  8. You do see some sights. I often encounter the tall bloke who always wears a MAGA hat. I'm beginning to think he may have autism, which might explain it.
  9. If anyone witnessed a madman at the tills in Bursledon Tesco just now, frantically stamping on an empty shopping bag, it was me. There was a spider in it.
  10. That closed fist thing that UK politicians seem to be doing when gesticulating these days. Boris does it all the time. What's wrong with a pointy finger?
  11. Bit disappointed with Ings. Is it too much to ask for him to knuckle down and give us another season after we resurrected his career?
  12. Manuel


    And we even had a song for him!
  13. Manuel


    I wouldn't mind distributing it based on an algorithm based on risk, obviously that would take in more parameters than BAME alone though, such as age, weight, medical history, whatever. Probably better and less complicated to concentrate on "everyone in the fastest time possible" than trying to divide people.
  14. Ha, what is he even doing now. Maybe worth a punt if he isn't crocked. See what Ralph can do with him on the cheap...
  15. Manuel

    Oriol Romeu

    Good news. Seems to have an excellent attitude. And another one who seems to improve under Ralph.
  16. At least the things on our crest mean something locally. Palace have an eagle on their crest because, as far as I can work out, some manager of theirs in the 70's liked eagles.
  17. Manuel


    Is sunburn racist?
  18. “Quiet for now, but it’s always difficult coming as a new player, so maybe he’s just saving up his words for later!" Remember reading something previously, after signing for a club earlier in his career that he appeared painfully shy and struggled to get on initially. Maybe just needs some time.
  19. Even so, 1-0 up! I'm not watching though as I'm too tight to pay a tenner.
  20. That was something else, and I don't even like golf. I even showed the missus, and she doesn't like golf either.
  21. Probably should have advised he apologise for publicly using dated, potentially offensive language. If he apologised, and learned, he should not have been asked to resign.
  22. Manuel


    Great assist but he seemed much more hurried in the last game and I'm not sure it suited him, almost chaotic. A player, perhaps more than most, that would benefit from a good run of games, to settle him and find his feet and composure.
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