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  1. So depressing... anyone but those cunts in north London. Hoddle Richards Bale/Fourpast Nicked our Song Can’t stand them
  2. Stephens you absolute fucking liability
  3. His response to the question on how he is settling was clearly edited out. The camera shifts to a later point. Looks like a good grounded kid just at a loss to explain the circumstances around his absence.
  4. Not his biggest fan but credit where it’s due. Was excellent today. Well done Jack. Keep it up 👏🏼
  5. Absolute class. Lovely passer of the ball.
  6. We weren’t just drawing blanks in attack again today. We were bad in defence too. Stephens for all his flashy pings forward, was a liability in the 6 yard box again. I watched him closely and on 2 or 3 occasions like Fulham, the opposition had too much freedom in the box. Against better opposition, we would’ve been punished today. Need Salisu to be available ASAP or get Vesty back and fit
  7. Our biggest attacking threat today. Was class first half.
  8. Totally agree. This obsession with right footed defenders being restricted to right centre back and left footed ones to left centre back is overworking the delicate brain for some I think.
  9. Looking at the overall picture. Free Half his salary being paid by competitor Outperforming the other number 10s I think he’s been a better than brilliant acquisition. Some would say inspired!
  10. Happy Xmas all. Wishing you all and your families good health, joy and peace. Up the Saints!
  11. We all know he’s been off the pace, just think he could do with a rest?
  12. McCarthy Walker-Peters Bednarek Salisu Bertrand Ward-Prowse Diallo Walcott Djenepo Adams N’Lundulu
  13. Fair play West Brom. Got a diamond of a keeper there.
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