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  1. I will tend to go with Blackmore over our forum experts. Reed was sly and at the time lots of us called out his evident games. The guy had one overarching ambition and that was to take his share of the healthy board profit.
  2. Wouldn’t be overly upset losing him. Nowhere near the level Morgan, Wanyama and Lallana were when they left us. Replace him with that boy from Leeds. Kalvin Phillips.
  3. “The whole key here is to have dry powder after those initial acquisitions are done to build world class teams at a time when not a lot of other people are investing. Thematically, it's all about playing offense when the rest of the world is playing defense.”
  4. Boruc Clyne Alderweireld Vvd Bertrand Morgan wanyama Mane Lallana Tadic Ings
  5. For £30m, I would hold the door open
  6. McCarthy Walker-Peters Stephens Bednarek Bertrand Hojbjerg Romeu Armstrong Redmond Boufal Ings At home, need creativity as Burnley will get behind ball and try and play long ball out for their big players.
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