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  1. Sign up Forster, Vestergaard and Ings on new contracts, loan Williams with option to buy, a CB, and Adam Armstrong. Sell: Valery Stephens Redmond Elyounousi Long 2021/22 Forster McCarthy Walker-Peters New F/B Vestergaard Salisu New CB Bednarek Simeu Perraud Romeu Diallo JWP Armstrong Walcott Djenepo Tella Ings Armstrong Adams Obafemi
  2. Stephens again then. fundamentally flawed...
  3. Good post and Forster aside, I would agree with all 👍🏼
  4. Sign him up! We better with him in the side. Couldn’t hold a lead, let alone come back from 2-0 down! Sign him up.
  5. Forster KWP Salisu Vest Bertrand Diallo JWP Walcott Armstrong Ings Redmond McCarthy Stephens Bednarek Jankewitz Djenepo Minamino Tella Adams Nlundulu
  6. What about the fingertips save to push around the far post, Wood’s curler and various saves in first half? class keeper
  7. Bednarek is playing shite! has won sod all all game and allergic to put a tackle in. vestergaard routinely coming across to mop up. get Salisu on!
  8. Forster KWP Bednarek Vestergaard Bertrand JWP Diallo Walcott Armstrong McAdams Ings Subs: McCarthy Salisu Stephens Jankewitz Redmond Djenepo Minamino Tella N’Lundulu
  9. Had high hopes for Hesketh. There’s a player in there. with time he could have built up his combative and physical side. Was playing some lovely slide rule passes when I saw him play. A talent
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