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  1. It's hard to believe that the last B team match was against Leicester! This was the team that day: 1 KINGSLEY LATHAM (GK) 2 YAN VALERY 4 DAVID AGBONTOHOMA 3 JAKE VOKINS 5 KAYNE RAMSAY 11 WILL FERRY 6 ALEXANDRE JANKEWITZ 8 WILLIAM SMALLBONE BENNI SMALES-BRAITHWAITE (76′) 10 CALEB WATTS
  2. Shame it didn't work out, but ahead of him in the thoughts of the manager for a CM role now (based on who's been on the bench) are: JWP Romeu Diallo Smallbone Jankewitz Chauke That's a lot of players when there are only two spots in the first team. I wish him luck at Gillingham and hope he secures a permanent deal somewhere in the summer. I guess a minimal fee and sell on clause are the best we can hope for now.
  3. Walcott's versatility gives us options, but if Adams is fit, it's safe to assume that he and Ings will start up front. That surely then means Theo and Armstrong as number tens with Romeu and JWP playing while Diallo misses out very unluckily. Unless there are any more injuries or positive Covid tests, we should only be missing Vestergaard from our strongest 11. I can see us winning in Leicester for the second season running, so long as no-one does anything silly (including the ref).
  4. I agree with resting players. I don't want to risk Ings from the start, but would have him on the bench. Forster Valery Stephens Bednarek/Salisu (if fit) Vokins Diallo Smallbone Armstrong Tella Long N'lundulu Subs: Lewis, KWP, Ramsey, JWP, Chauke, Walcott, Ings
  5. More than anything, I want us to show that we can score goals. All the clean sheets are great, but we are relying on marginal penalty calls, or JWP's free kicks as pretty much the only way we look like scoring at the moment. Ings is a big miss, but we mustn't rush him back. Long looked awful yesterday. Every run he made in behind was offside and I don't remember him collecting a pass and finding a team mate once in the whole match. I would either play N'Lundulu or Walcott up front, but if whatever RH goes for isn't working and we don't look like scoring, I would like him to try using substitut
  6. I was concerned that it would be a worse result when I knew we'd be without the key players. Stephens didn't do much wrong, although he didn't dominate as much as Vestergaard, obviously. Diallo also didn't do a bad job and improved as the game went on. I suggested Long from the start. I was so wrong when I thought he might get into the game better in that case and I found it so hard to believe that Ralph didn't change things earlier. As many have already said, the subs were a joke. Long should have been taken off around 55 minutes at the latest, with Djenepo coming on and Walcott playing up fr
  7. I would like to see this team: McCarthy KWP Bednarek Vestergaard Vokins JWP Diallo Armstrong Walcott Adams Long Subs: Forster, Stephens, Salisu, Bertrand, Smallbone, Redmond, Djenepo, Nlundulu, Tella I just have a feeling that if Long is given a chance from the start, he might come good and create more space for Che. Bertrand looks like he needs a rest and there are two games in three days. Let's have another look at what Vokins can do before the window opens. Hopefully, Armstrong will come back stronger after being tested. I know this is unlikely to be the
  8. Theo was fantastic yesterday, and I thought he still looked full of running at the end - his chasing back was superb. KWP also had one of his best games and that made the contrast with the left wing even starker. I was rooting for Redders to start, but when he replaced Moussa, I couldn't quite believe my eyes that it was the same player who came on and scored last weekend. Che did brilliantly in the middle of the park battling to keep and win possession, but he had no service where it hurts and we seemed to be relying on luck - for the ball to bounce kindly, rather than creating any clear
  9. I saw that we were linked to Zinchenko, but he looks more likely to go to Wolves, so that may just be agent talk to make it look like there's a bidding war. I am disappointed that Ralph doesn't trust Vokins, as I've been impressed with him whenever I've seen him play, but obviously Ralph has seen more. If we can get Williams, or someone else in on loan, that would be good, but I reckon any permanent signings will wait until the summer. As well as most of the team played yesterday, we didn't really look like scoring, despite all the pressure around their box. Redmond had an absolute m
  10. I would like to see Redmond and Walcott playing as the number tens. Much as I would like to see Diallo given a chance, I don't think this is the right game. The only other position I would question, assuming that there are no injuries, is whether Ings should play from the start or come off the bench. I just hope everyone has the legs to be on top of their game at the end of a busy week!
  11. I think people are being overly harsh on Djenepo. He didn't have a great game, but he gave Bertrand a lot of support in keeping Traore and Semedo quiet, as well as playing Bertrand in really well a few times when he was overlapping. More goal threat and attacking intent with the ball would make a real difference, but he didn't give the ball away any more than other players - Romeu was most guilty of that today, I thought and JWP played a lot of backwards balls when he didn't need to IMO, some of which put us in more trouble. I thought we were a bit flat overall, but Wolves did press reall
  12. Kameron Ledwidge was spoken of as a star of the future at one time. Anyone seen him play? https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2017/oct/03/next-generation-2017-20-of-the-best-talents-at-premier-league-clubs
  13. Brumsaint

    Sam McQueen

    He still has time to get his career back, but what a horrific time of it he's had! Didn't he also have a really bad injury that held him back when he was younger? Fingers crossed for him, anyway.
  14. These are exciting times because of how much Ralph is getting out of the players. We have a really strong first 11, but I am worried about squad depth, so need to be convinced that Ralph's magic touch is improving the whole squad and bringing them all up a few levels. If the likes of Diallo, Smallbone, Obafemi, Tella, Djenepo, Valery, Vokins and Salisu can come into the first team and play as well as the players they replace we will have an exciting season! Despite our much vaunted promotion of youth and signing of young players, only three of the starting eleven against Everton were unde
  15. I will hold my hands up and say I was really worried about him being a starter last season, as I didn't think he could do the high energy game required, but have been totally proved wrong. He's had good periods playing for us before, but Ralph really seems to have brought out the best in him. Sign him up for a new deal, please.
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