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  1. Any idea when they might start getting sent out? Looking at buying one for Father's Day - likely it will miss that date but if its only a little late then there's no harm done.
  2. Don't disagree - he probably does deserve more minutes, and given the recent performances of Diallo I think he may as well get a start. But weren't both Diallo and Romeu injured for that game? So don't know if that's an indication of him being ready - it was a case of needs must.
  3. Wasn't a truly abominable watch like the West Brom game, but... To be 1-0 down and not even get a kick in the last 20 minutes of football is about as damning an indictment you can give. When the natural flow of the game should have you piling on the pressure and creating chance after chance, really really not good enough. Lads could barely string a pass together at the end let alone muster up a shot on target. If the FA Cup was our sole focus, I dread to think what we're gonna be serving up for the remainder of the season in the league.
  4. There's a Redmond Redemption pun to be made here. Absolutely love it. When do we ever score right before HT? COYS
  5. Well that's the thing. Yes we could've walked out with the draw, but given how little we created for so long it was hardly a performance deserving of it. Today wasn't unique in that respect - seemingly every game we have multiple chances like those you've mentioned - if every saints shot that should've seen the net bulge actually went in we would be 10-15 points better off. Ultimately, given how the onus was on us to take the game to them we did not create anywhere near enough chances. During Project Restart, we played a game in which we would move the ball patiently to make openings so w
  6. Vehemently disagree in what I'm reading with people saying "we should've drawn" and that "if we play like that v. SHU we will win." We created the square root of eff all for 80 minutes against a Everton side who never left second-gear. Redmond having a bad game is expected at this point, but Bertrand had an absolute shocker. Armstrong looked alright going forward and given he was played in a new position for him I think he had a good game. Tella had a handful of bright moments, the one-two with Armstrong. Djenepo is a trier and completed one of his trademark mazy dribbles down the byli
  7. Spurs may have lost today but Højbjerg ranks first in the league for frustrated claps per 90. #passion
  8. Salisu impressive today, perhaps didn't have the flex the attribute that sets him apart from the rest of our CBs too much (his pace, as we defended quite deep) so it is also encouraging to see he has the ability to read the game well, too. On the basis of todays great assist + finish you'd think perhaps it would make sense for Redmond to be playing in the 10 and Minamino up top, rather than vice-versa. Though I think Armstrong, Ings, Djenepo (agree with others that he had a good game today - put in a lot of effort defensively too), Minamino should be the 4 starters in those positions.
  9. Prowsey having an absolute stinker so far.
  10. Think if Salisu is fit to start now is as good a time as any, with him alongside Vestergaard it would give us a defensive partnership who perhaps have experienced less of a knock to their confidence from the last 2 league results than our other options. Not holding my breath but I think KWP would make a world of difference, especially with Vesty back to ping him balls. While this makes sense in theory, we didn't see any higher spending last summer on the back of an 11th place finish than in the 16th and 17th places from the 2 previous seasons, though Covid might be a factor. Surel
  11. False equivalence imo - difference is Walcott will at least have the confidence to take his man on, whereas Long has offered nothing since Koeman and Redmond has offered very little since his excellent late 2018 - early 2019 spell. I do agree with the substance in that I don't think any of the 3 are up to the required standard.
  12. People speak about how Leicester defeat wasn't as bad as the subsequent one to Everton. For me this is the new low
  13. I tend to give benefit of doubt for mistakes when playing out of back but that one is absolutely mental. We had the momentum going our way - there's only seconds left on the clock, so we're not going fashion a chance playing our patient game. In that scenario someone HAS to smell the danger and kick it long.
  14. Discovering Prefab Sprout at the moment, lots of brilliant pop tunes.
  15. Have to say, in spite of our inability to put the game to bed I quite enjoyed it - nice to see us as the team in control of the ball for long stretches of the game (obviously to be expected against this calibre of opposition). Still never really felt like there was a risk of us losing and enjoyed seeing the youth get a run out. I was impressed with the lad Watts, happy for Dan and think the other youth lads gave a decent account of themselves. I echo the frustrations about the finishing of our senior players. Adams really had to bury the 1v1 and Longs inability to control the ball an
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