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  1. Blimey......the tide sure comes in a long way down at Plymouth! I expected to see a boat go by at any minute. I'm sure one of those guys tripped......on a submarine.
  2. Great bit of film. Thank you MLG for sharing - What not may be apparent to those who haven't been able to get to a game for a while, is the band are actually all mic'd up as they are marching, which means it plays out over the stadium sound system - and it is bloody loud - and (I think) very impressive. The best "intro" we've had for many a year I reckon. Cheers again.
  3. I really hope Howe goes to Newcastle although I can't see it. Their fans would be up in arms at that one. He's hardly "high profile" enough for a club of that, recently inherited, stature is he. However, here's a thought.....absolutely off the top of my head with absolutely no "source" or basis of truth (sorry MLG). Could it be that Howe's "people" have put this story out there to try to force Saints into making an early move? (based only on the OP of this thread). I know there are people on here who think that Ralph should be gone, but Eddie Howe.......Really? God forbid! It would
  4. Yep. No complaints here. I think it's a great idea. It certainly helps to generate some atmosphere.
  5. Here you are Ralph. You're not allowed to say it, so I'll say it for you, 'cos the FA can't charge me. "Yes, we do have a problem with Mike Dean. He is an egotistical maniac who thinks the game is all about him and in my humble opinion, is nothing more than a wank stain on the duvet of life. As soon as I saw he was on VAR I knew we were utterly fucked".
  6. 7/13 Interesting though, that he has never refereed at a major international tournament. I'm sitting here scratching my head, wondering why........
  7. It's sad I guess that we're all old enough to remember the pylons. Are there any left?.....probably still some in the lower leagues, but I don't remember seeing a pylon at a ground for a long time.
  8. To be fair, some of us can't remember the last time we won when it WASN'T raining.
  9. Very clever. Well done. So, we have Mohamed Elyounoussi, Mohammed Salisu, and apparently the Italian translation of Livramento (according to Google) is DELIVERANCE! Not forgetting Che Adam&Eve. 0-4 to Saints. EASY!
  10. Livarmento to score the winner!!!! No Broja obviously.
  11. So tonight, JRod scored 4 for Burnley. Minamino scored 2 for the Pool. Charlie Austin scored 2 for QPR. Not a bad night for ex-Saints....But the most important one......Oriol RAMOO (according to Chris Kamara that is!) Well done Oriol.
  12. Yep......and Kevin De Bruyne (KDB) would round the window off nicely thank you very much.
  13. Redmond was probably trying to make his mind up whether the ball had touched the ground or not.
  14. I know it gets a bit despairing at times, supporting Saints, but we really should collectively drop to our knees and that thank our lucky stars (or whichever God we believe in) that we weren't born......... supporting Burnley. What a dirty bunch of horrible bastards they are. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand Everton, but I was pleased they won tonight having been kicked about the park by those thugs, How Townsend got booked for a slight push on a Burnley player, moments after Tarkowski went unpunished, having nearly kicked Richarlason into Row Z, I don't know. Only Martin Atkinson a
  15. Shane Long.......damn.....these drugs are wearing off.
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