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  1. Agree. I think the lack of crowds in the grounds is really starting to tell on the players. There seems to be a complacency that you perhaps wouldn't have if 30,000, 40.000 or 50.000 fans are urging you on, or conversely getting on your back if you make a mistake. I'm sure many of the players thrive on the adrenaline a crowd brings. The Liverpool v Man U game was another "top 6" snore fest. Liverpool apparently had 3 shots on target - Man Utd had 4. When you look at "the talent" on display that's pretty poor by anyone's standards.
  2. Agree. There is nothing to say we can't be critical of players, or individual performances, or specific incidents during matches, but there is no need at all to be downright offensive and abusive towards the players. Some of those players "maybe" friends and/or acquaintances of people on here. Have some respect!
  3. We just lost to a team who now sit second in the league. Two weeks ago we beat Liverpool. It happens. This week we were missing the spine of our team, probably 5 "starters" out, plus a couple of "back-ups". I really think some people on here need to take a reality check. Get behind the team and stop slagging individuals off. Smallbone looked good and is getting praised for it, but you can guarantee if he has a poor game next time he'll get crucified by some on here. Stephens has been part the defence which has kept 3 clean sheets (incl. Liverpool) before this game, but we concede 2 goals and
  4. Totally agree. Three clean sheets before this game (including Liverpool). We concede a goal (it happens in football you know) and people can't wait to start slating individuals. The negativity on here is unbelievable sometimes. Imagine if we were having a shit season!
  5. That's got to be the worst chat-up line of all time.🤣
  6. Of course stripes will make a come-back at some point, but personally I really like the sash. It set's us apart. Is there any of the other 91 league clubs with a sash? Someone on here will know. And if (OK it's still a big if) we were to get into Europe wearing the sash......or dare I say, even better than that (top 4 ?!!!!!).......how about a bespoke sash European kit for European ties only? More for the poor fans to buy of course but a great souvenir for those who can afford/want it and possibly extra revenue for the club during challenging times. Just a thought.....
  7. Pompey out - so any dreams of drawing them out of the hat have gone. Fair play to Crawley, that was a very decent display against Leeds. I thought Leeds first choice keeper has been dodgy all season (he only looks about 12 years old) but I can see why he hasn't been dislodged - their keeper yesterday was awful. I wonder if they might come in for Forster if we were to recall Gunn from his loan.......or even come in for Gunn. Just a thought.
  8. Great news about Stuart Armstrong. I am a fan. He came in for some stick on here recently, which I disagreed with. Yes he makes the odd error but overall I think he brings a lot to the team and seems to fit Ralph's system perfectly. If I recall correctly, we paid about £8m for him. For a regular starter and a player of his calibre, that is a very good bit of business.
  9. If a Southampton manager is passionate enough about Southampton winning games, if it means that much to him, if his team and his tactics mean we can beat the reigning champions and arguably one of the best teams in Europe, and that passion is so strong that he shows some emotion at the end of the game.......then that'll do for me. Simon Jordan Chairman of Crystal Palace. on Talk Sport criticizes Ralph for showing emotion? Is that the same Crystal Palace that were beaten at home, by the same Liverpool 0-7 two weeks ago? I bet Jordan showed some different f**king emotion after that thumpi
  10. If you don't mind me saying.......I really rather enjoyed that result. Difficult to single out MOM. KWP & Jack up there. I thought Stu looked sharp too. Class goal from Danny. Those on here thinking we'd be better off cancelling the game....think again.
  11. $hit, where did I put my emergency black armband? One good thing, at least their fans won't be there singing it all night long. FF in goal? The only positive I can think is when we beat them in "that" semi-final, FF was in goal and I seem to recall he pulled off an amazing save and Shane Long was up front and score the winner.......Deja Vu anyone?
  12. Ronald at Barca, Poch at PSG, Puel could go to Juve, Mark Hughes to Real Madrid, Nigel Adkins to Inter Milan, still time for Lawrie Mac to go to Bayern, Strachan to manage Brazil, and.......... YEH! And Pellegrino to......um ......uhh........mmmmm........Oh...........come back to me on that one.
  13. When he first came in, I think we saw a couple of glimpses which suggested there might be a good player in there, (mind you anything was better than Cedric at that point) but as time went on he just didn't improve and more than once up against a reasonable attack he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Frightened almost.
  14. You are quite possibly right, but Fulham, Brighton, West Brom and Newcastle have all matched them (all draws) within the past month or two, and I don't see them as having any more quality than us. I guess it all depends on who turns up on the day. If it's us then we stand a chance, if it's them, then we may struggle.
  15. Ah ha! Our secret weapon - Shane Long. I do recall he has "previous" against Dipperpool. Did he not score a blinder against them in a certain semi-final? It's about time then, that he scored against them again! Come on Shane - you know you can do it! 1-0 to The Saints - Shane scores the winner. There you go....job done.
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