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  1. When Romeu got imjured against Leeds all those weeks ago, I feared we would miss him massively. Up until then he'd been one of our players of the season and he and JWP had formed a good understanding in the middle. He was also making "driving" runs forward. JWP certainly has not been as effective without him in the side as protection and Diallo for me,, hasn't lived up to the early promise. We have lost that "bite" in midfield and the protection offered by Romeu in front of what looks like a very frail back four without him.
  2. Is that one bunch of flowers each, or between them? If it's between them, Gao will take 80% of the bunch and Kat 20%. Anyway, I'm not sure Gao would remember where St Mary's is, let alone the centre circle.
  3. Skintsaint - Have you got a spare black armband available?.....I seem to have mislaid mine. If you haven't I may just have to slit my wrists out of sympathy for them. Also, he's moaning about Covid ruining their "not really knowing what they could have went on to achieve" yet 400 of them can still gather in Anfield Road to throw "objects" at, and "Boo" the oppositions bus. They really are a fuckin' class act aren't they?
  4. Yeh, you've got to laugh at them. From the quote above...."We will never really know what we could have went on to achieve". Is that actually English being written? Been listening to Carragher too much I reckon.
  5. I think when VAR came in, we as football fans hoped it would eradicate the controversy surrounding close decisions, obvious errors by the referee and assistants. To me, it has added to the controversies. It seems to me that there is at least one controversy now in just about every game. From the disallowed goal for Man U against Tottenham when Son was "flicked" in the face and rolled around on the ground for 4 minutes.......until the decision went their way, to the blatant "onside" goal that was disallowed for WBA against us. Again, only my opinion and some will disagree, but VAR is destroyin
  6. I wonder what headline or "spin" the media team will put on this performance when they send me their email with the match report and "highlights" (I can't wait to see what the highlights are). Perhaps the headline will be..... "DIFFICULT NIGHT FOR SAINTS AT THE HAWTHORNS" (No it wasn't. It was fucking easy. Nobody tried!) or how about "NARROW DEFEAT FOR SAINTS" (No it wasn't, we were pummeled) SAINTS SAVING THEMSELVES FOR THE SEMI-FINAL (that's Bollocks too) SAINTS STRUGGLE AGAINST WEST BROM (I didn't see much evidence of a struggle) The headline should read.......
  7. Does anyone know what the Chinese is for "Gao, spend some fucking money on some decent players or fuck right off" This whole shambles starts at the top and it seems, goes right through the club. Up until now I have firmly been in the "Keep Ralph" Brigade. I like him as a manager and I think he is a decent bloke, but I am starting to wonder if he has "lost the dressing room" as they say. There is no way they played for him tonight. It wasn't just losing to the second worst team in the league - that can happen sometimes - they beat Chelsea last week, but for me it was the manner of th
  8. We don't always agree with each other on this site, but I would hazard a guess that we do actually all "give a fuck", which is more than can be said for the players today. They look like they couldn't give a flying fuck about it. The fucking Keystone Cops playing at the back and "the Invisible Men" playing in midfield. I think I'm more angry with this display than the 9-0. Shocking (and I'm not normally one of the bed wetters). Embarrassing. Leicester will tear us a new one next week if we play like this.
  9. They probably said the same about apartheid, the abolition of slavery, women's rights to vote, the abolition of hanging, the continuing fight against racism, stop the Vietnam War and so on and so on. What's the point of it? It'll never change. I expect people sat around during the Second World War saying just that. What's the point of fighting the Germans.....we'll never win. The point is, sometimes (not always) these things snowball and change does happen. OK, so it may not stop the Qatar World Cup, but if enough people boycott it, including clubs, fans, media outlets, advertisers a
  10. Well done for posting this up. Signed with pleasure. Just another example of corruption at a very high level.
  11. Can we trust Mason to hold the subs board up correctly though. It will probably be upside down. No one will understand why the number 9 was subbed when clearly the number 6 was meant to come off. VAR will review it and, still unsure, Mason will then phone Mike Dean for a final decision, who irrespective of any evidence will award Man Utd a goal.......even though they are playing Tottenham 166 miles away. Simple.
  12. Hi all. After 28 minutes yesterday, I wet my bed, took an overdose and slashed my wrists. They've stomach-pumped me, patched up my wrists and I've just got back from the hospital. How many did we lose by in the end?
  13. Haha....knowing my luck I'd probably go to bed with Kenzie Benali and wake up next to Franny Benali.
  14. The most pleasing thing for me (apart from the result of course) was that at 2-0 down, our heads didn't drop and we showed some real spirit to get the result. With West Brom's result yesterday, they will be buzzing next week, but as a result of today's fight back, I think we'll be buzzing as well. Burnley are not a "bad" team. They don't play attractive football for sure, but season after season they constantly show that they know how to grind out results. Today, the boot was firmly on the other foot. We were shaky at times, but we also played some good football. Well done Saints! I
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