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  1. There was a great interview with an italian football bloke on the Total Saints Podcast a few weeks back. I remember it being a good listen, explained a lot about him.
  2. He said an ugly one, don't you worry mate.
  3. My head hurts. What the ****ing **** are they doing between sentences over there? I keep imagining them necking a can of diamond white in between incoherent bursts of babble. Maybe they are smoking rolled up paragraphs, a quick toke in between each spluttered line of drivel. My autocorrect just turned line into lie. It writes better than every hack at the news. Fact.
  4. Feck me, did I miss the 80's? 1992 already, wow.
  5. Not really. For one, I don't think they'll get a penny and two, as fun as this thread and my hatred of Pompey is - it can't change the fact that my team winning is always a good thing! If we beat city tomorrow I won't have a mixed feeling in my body. Maybe a mixed drink.
  6. Ah well, at least Northampton are due to be awarded 3 points on the 21st of April. That week's winners of the great Pompey points giveaway.
  7. Pompey* don't score goals any more so fear not... *non big-5 league club.
  8. The dream is mother****ing real alright!!!!!
  9. Haha! I think we all need to end every post that mentions them with: * non big-5 league club.
  10. What the **** is a 'real Hampshire soccer fan'? What a moron. Saints fan my arse.
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