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  1. Thanks, I wanted to post this, but had no idea how to upload an image!
  2. StDunko

    The BBC

    I enjoyed their programming tonight.
  3. StDunko

    BLM & Football

    To paraphrase Saintquin's post: it is the case at them moment that people are being forced to take a knee. I think this is utter bollocks and that there is no evidence to support this view. I would suggest footballers are weighing up any reasons they may have for and against taking a knee and, thus far, all are choosing to do so, entirely of their own volition. However, I'll accept that I'm wrong if anyone can provide evidence of a footballer, who'd made a personal decision not to take the knee and was subsequently forced to do so...
  4. StDunko

    BLM & Football

    Perhaps they just all agree that it is an appropriate gesture? I'm unaware of anyone suggesting that they are being forced to do this...
  5. StDunko

    BLM & Football

    Wow, I'd not realised people were being forced to take a knee. Can you just confirm who has been forced and what force was used against them to make them knee? I had thought this was just being done voluntarily...
  6. Perhaps it will transpire that they don't and it was all hust agent talk.
  7. "Ruddy" coloured and middle aged, rather than white and middle aged?
  8. StDunko


    I'm always amazed how people with demonstrably poor judgement end up in positions of power and influence. I would love to know what his thought process was and why he felt the rules did not apply to him.
  9. StDunko


    Unless the weapon was designed to cause economic damage too.
  10. Don't forget that this is Trump. Surely his "gut feel" is more important than mere "facts".
  11. Probably the same people who underrated Steven Davis.
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