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  1. Yeah,we had our fingers crossed behind our back when we signed. So it doesn't count. Our government is turning into a pound shop version of Trump's administration.
  2. I thought a figure of 80% was stated around the renewal deadline...
  3. Shipperley: indecent exposure
  4. The only way to stop them is by wearing our tin foil hats.
  5. Currently the best player at Southamptonis Jannik Vestergaard. His performance index is 296, he scored 1goals and provided 1 assists. With 5 shots on goal and a conversion rate of 12.5 he is at the moment 92in the Premier League. Can some pass this info on to Leicester!
  6. StDunko


    That's the one I have. Pretty good toaster.
  7. Didn't he manage Pompey for a while? Voldemort, not god.
  8. Please god maje it happen.
  9. If you had said that at the start of the season I'd have been very worried.
  10. This thread has taken an unexpected direction.
  11. Perhaps these organisations realise that there is a small minority of other people out there with poor comprehension skills like you. It doesn't change the fact that I, and everyone else I've discussed this with really didn't find it remotely confusing.
  12. I've discussed this with plenty of people and not a single person was confused by it. But you clearly are; this would suggest that the problem is actully your comprehension skills.
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