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  1. I was at MK Dons game and witnessed the "Mars Bar on his head" incident (thankfully from a safe distance). I didn't ever expect that to be surpassed, but a group of Hammers fans at central station after the game delivered... The sheer delight they all had in chanting "We've got a toilet brush, we've got a toilet brush" whilst waving the rather stained looking object around, (probably flinging tiny bits of turd and piss over their stone island jumpers). We're going to have to up our game to match that!
  2. I was disappointed to hear a group of West Ham fans chanting homophobic slurs in a pub after the game on Saturday (about Chelsea allegedly being rent boys, everywhere they go). Clearly more work needs to be done to make such stuff culturally unacceptable.
  3. The ticket office have come in for some understandable criticism on here recently, but I got an email from them yesterday, regarding a problem with a Season Ticket (long story) and they have shown some class and gone above and beyond my expectations to resolve it, so credit where credit's due...
  4. If we let them have McCarthy, I'm not sure the quality will improve...
  5. Is it know how many of the tweets were sent via VPN's that may have masked the true country of origin?
  6. It would've been good if they didn't find any racism to report, but unfortunately, because there was racism, it was reported. Perhaps we should be more concerned about the fact that there was racism, rather than whether or not the media had a predetermined narative that sadly came to fruition? Why does it appear that some posters are more concerned about reporters doing their job, rather than the individuals making monkey noises at black players?
  7. I was one of many people that were just waved in through some exit gates that were opened up to clear the queues at around 2:15... So I guess they don't really know...
  8. To be fair, there has been multiple Ronaldos...
  9. Perhaps they took a look at Whitey and changed their minds?
  10. I take it we won gold then.
  11. Has Gunn gone? Must have missed that one...
  12. Yeah, I tried pay in full but couldn't. Someone did answer my call though and told me that they are only taking deposits as the club have still not had confirmation from the gov about what level of attendance will be allowed. I assume the don't want to be processing loads of refunds if the crowd is reduced at the start of the season.
  13. I'm in the ground and didn't hear any.
  14. It was blazing sunshine when I left my house near the sussex border, was in two minds about wearing a coat. Just got of the train at central and its cold and pissing it down.
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