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  1. Might hang on for a draw then 😉
  2. Messi and Ronaldo are the worst, why can't they come and play for us for £70k p/w.
  3. I was just about to read his autobiography, but you've gone and spoilt it now.
  4. I've just realised I mis-read part of it. The article on the OS states: "The club will be contacting Season Ticket holders directly via their registered email address during the week commencing Monday 8th February to explain the full options available to them and the next steps to take." Initially I read that as the club will be emailing us W/c 8th Jan, not Feb, and I though that was a refernece to the email I'd just received. So I await that email (and any interim refunds for the Man City, West Ham and Liverpool games).
  5. I've read the email and I'm a little confused, as the instructions aren't clear (unless I'm missing something). Do we as ST holders need to apply for the full refund, (i.e. do we need to contact the ticket office, or log into the on-line ticket portal etc.), or will the lump sum just land in our bank accounts at some point in the coming weeks?
  6. I suggest that the evidence shows Charlie has now satisfied his hunger through multiple trips to the chippy over a prolonged period.
  7. That was the Marine keeper wasn't it.
  8. Sounds like a good idea to me. Take the decision out of the hands of the clubs.
  9. StDunko


    Here's a man that's never been to Eastbourne.
  10. Only just got here. Any online streams please, (to save me trawling through the thread)...
  11. Or you say it to explain why he won't be featuring (and therefore be at risk of scuppering an agreed deal) in any of our games before the window opens. Hope not though.
  12. StDunko


    10am this morning the Mrs gets a text to say her latest Covid test was positive. (She works in healthcare, so has weekly tests). What Crimbo pressie, pretty much sums up 2020. What a cunt of a year. At least she is only fatigued (which she just thought was due to working so many hours recently), rather than suffering from other symptoms.
  13. StDunko


    Calling Scally to the thread.
  14. My 2 STs were paid for using a single card, that didn't stop them refunding me... I think they've just not got a effective system in place for tracking who they have and haven't refunded.
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