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    I think Raging Bull knows. He's educated himself on these things, by doing his own research.
  2. StDunko


    What the hell were you googling to find this shit. It's frightening how many uneducated and gullible people are out there.
  3. Surely that is much worse for the skates than us, if they've been running around with a Southampton heraldic coat of arms on their shirts! Lol
  4. The word association thread in the Muppet show.
  5. StDunko


    Seriously all the best, hope you only have short or asymptomatic covid.
  6. You can't just consider transfer fees, what about the increase in wages?
  7. Whilst I agree that it would be better to have standardised procedures in every state, I don't think that any of the current rules allow any on-going voting when results are being reported elsewhere... The last opportunity to vote is by mailing your vote on election day (in the states that allow that), but the first results do not get reported until the day after the election...
  8. OK, so I was one of the lucky one and have already been refunded up to and including Sheff Utd. Good to know that 2nd payment wasn't just an error that was going to clawed back out of ny account.
  9. I guess this is supposed to be a joke and I understand the connection, but I just don't understand what part of it is funny. Can someone please explain the humour to me?
  10. I've received a refund forthe equivalent of 4 home games today. Making a total of 6 home games refunded so far this season... Which is strange given there have only been 3 home games thus far...
  11. So true, I had totally forgotten about Hoj.
  12. My guess is long covid.
  13. StDunko

    Josh Sims

    2 more assists already tonight.
  14. The only way to stop them is by wearing our tin foil hats.
  15. Don't forget that this is Trump. Surely his "gut feel" is more important than mere "facts".
  16. I'm not sure they appreciate then amount of ammo required.
  17. Do they think they can shoot all the viruses dead?
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