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  1. The article was written by Michael Shellenberger, so no nothing like that
  2. Another right wing climate change denier. https://environmentalprogress.org/big-news/2020/6/29/on-behalf-of-environmentalists-i-apologize-for-the-climate-scare
  3. scally

    BLM & Football

    What about the protests for Daniel Shaver, Tony Timpa and Justine Damond are their lives not important. Have you actually done any research into how many unarmed people get killed by the police in America every year or do you just listen to the mainstream media and assume it's only black people?
  4. scally

    The BBC

    Nothing to see here, move on
  5. Just putting it out there https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/facts-about-slavery/?fbclid=IwAR0r4VQ4UT13fHUc3UvYtOrHg0NC-DMFYU96qYZjNUGm8qNl7_8umzG2qw0
  6. That's the problem, too many people and it's only going to get worse
  7. Nice reply aint, my liver nearly burst when i read that, so what about the future now?
  8. Green energy is definitely the answer
  9. I don't read newspapers, my whole point about this is the fact that we do not get even close to a balanced argument reported by the media. There are plenty of scientists who believe that climate change is happening but is not the imminent disaster that we keep being told. In no other area of science would a scientist with a different view point be called a denier, the media have taken a side in this and demonise anyone who dares to have an alternative view, this is a hugely complex issue and I think we're a long way from understanding it
  10. The record high in Antarctica in February was all over the news, Greenland is a very sensitive area for climate change yet no report of record low at a time when the arctic is supposed to be warming
  11. Funny that they do report record highs though, this was all over the news like a rash https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/02/antarctic-peninsula-setting-heat-records-wont-stand-long/
  12. I can't remember seeing this anywhere in the news either, doesn't fit does it https://electroverse.net/greenland-just-set-a-new-all-time-record-low-temperature/
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