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  1. I'm f#cked if he is https://www.iq-test.net/ben-shapiro-iq-pms53.html
  2. So 50 year old models predicted it when computer models now can't predict it with any accuracy
  3. The Maldives are still there though, when your boys get something right make sure you give me a shout
  4. Do you have to be a climate scientist to go through records? When it comes to the vaunted computer models, Mr. Koonin is persuasively skeptical. It’s a big problem, he says, when models can’t retroactively “predict” events that have already happened. And he notes that some of the “tuning” done to models so that they work better amounts to “cooking the books.” He should know, having written one of the first textbooks on using computers to model physics phenomena. Mr. Koonin’s science credentials are impeccable—unlike, say, those of one well-known Swedish teenager to whom the media af
  5. Maybe he understands a lot better than you do how the data gets tampered with
  6. You're correct, definitely a dinlo who doesn't know what he's talking about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_E._Koonin
  7. Another Idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about, I love his take on the phrase climate denier. Maybe you're not as clever as you think you are. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/unsettled-review-theconsensus-on-climate-11619383653
  8. If you answered it I can't find it and as I said a new ice age was the big thing in the 70's I know what they were saying back then. Unless they start predicting things and getting them right why would I believe it. I love the way some ones not a climate scientist when it suits, I can't remember anyone saying that about Al Gore. The money is in man-made c02 climate change. You lot always play the man not whats being said, Moore and Shellenberg were the darlings of the left until they changed their view on green energy. If you think solar and wind are the answers to all our problems and environ
  9. I lived through the 70's so can remember what was said. trying to say they were saying it was warming back then is just moving the goalposts again, like you people do all the time. The climate cooled between 1940 and 1975 as c02 in the atmosphere increased, care to explain. Don't give me the increased volcanic activity because there was none
  10. If climate change was as straightforward as you seem to think why are we throwing billions of pounds at renewable energy that blatantly doesn't solve the problem. Read Apocalypse Never by Michael Shellenberger and watch Planet of the Humans by Michael Moore, both long term environmentalists who understand we need a total rethink on renewable energy. Show me one prediction that's been made by so called climate scientists that's come true, I can show you many that have not. Go back to the 70's when they were predicting a new ice age. If you have to alter data to prove your case then you have a p
  11. It's a superiority thing, the left never used to be such arrogant tw*ts. Labour were my preferred party until the middle class took it over
  12. What the f*ck is a climate change denier, it's supposed to be science, do you understand how science works? Can you please tell me what the ideal average temperature of the world is and what the optimum amount of c02 in the atmosphere is. Thanks in advance
  13. Maybe you need to go read the thread
  14. Show me anything they've actually predicted and got it right https://extinctionclock.org/
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