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  1. Agreed I don't think much money will be thrown around this summer. What an opportunity Newcastle might have if this takeover goes through with little competition for signings if their prospective new owners decide to throw some of their cash around.
  2. I have a signed ball that I’m sure what have Bleidelis or Chala’s autograph on it, possibly both.
  3. This whole myth about the skates seems to be perpuated by the fact they once clapped Henry off the pitch as Fratton Park on a day when Arsenal gave them a pasting years ago. I've heard it used as the example of how they are such great fans by numerous people so many times its ridiculous.
  4. Bloody great though isn’t it?
  5. sambosa75

    Free kicks

    Didn’t Beattie score a belter away to Chelsea?
  6. Sorry but he does deserve some of the blame. He has been here a year and is none the wiser as to what his best XI is or what system to play. That said, there isn’t much out there who would do better but he needs to start showing some progress or the owner will get an itchy finger.
  7. Over the years I have been involved in a few London gatherings held at the Famous 3 Kings pub next door to West Kensington station. The 2nd leg playoff defeat to Derby (was it really 12 years ago?!) we must have got around 50 Saints fans there. The atmosphere was unbelievable.
  8. Paul Pogba is shocking. Shame we aren’t a better side we’d have punished him at least twice by now if we were.
  9. I believe they are staying at Choristers.
  10. Great result but Redmond’s finishing is a disgrace.
  11. I can't buy in to it ruining a club like ours. We must be in rude financial health what with all the player sales and seeming refusal to spend anywhere near a commensurate amount on re-strengthening. What we do have though is a squad full of dead wood who would see playing in the Championship as below them who would agitate for moves. The same players who whilst we are a Premier League club are quite happy collecting their wages and applying minimum effort. A bit like the owner. Keen to reap the rewards of owning a Premier League side but unwilling to do what it takes to progress us. I must admit the hiring of Hassenhuttl makes me think there may be hope for him yet. I don't see why he would have come here unless significant funds were promised to him should he keep us up but until that happens I'll remain sceptical.
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