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    Mohammed Salisu

    This is the sign of all good CB’s in the modern game. It doesn’t look spectacular or heroic, but it’s a skill to be in the right place at the right time, with the right body position to not lose your man or need a spectacular challenge. It’s easy to dismiss this as the opposition not being difficult to defend, dismissing the reading of the game and the movement needed to make it look so simple.
  2. He's great physically, good in the tackle, happy to do the ugly stuff when needed and *just* stay on the right-side of the rules, and he's great on the ball, but he doesn't read the game consistently well enough and gets caught out. Top CB's know where to be, how to position themselves, how to pre-empt danger, and have a habit of being in the right place at the right time. Our Jack isn't quite there yet, so needs somebody next to him who can do this and organise others as well.
  3. The most annoying thing about this shambles is the lack of shame, care, problem solving, or admission of failure from the club. No solutions are being offered other than standing in line for a replacement. How about e-tickets as a one-off, or an option to download from the website and print at home, or open the TO for extended hours this week to spread the demand and make it more convenient? Nah, not their fault so not their problem to solve, it seems.
  4. Sometimes I wonder if Ralph actually wants leadership on the field, or whether he thinks that’s his job from the sidelines. Same mentality that led to him not replacing his assistant manager; I can do it all myself, I don’t need any help. Ralphs strength is also his weakness. He has clear ideas and principles, he is laser focused on what he wants from the team, and he is utterly convinced it can and will work. But, as we saw at Everton, he can’t admit when it isn’t working and change it. Maybe he sees that as admitting defeat or showing he’s wrong? Who knows. To my uneducated eye t
  5. I’m not yet Ralph Out, but I 100% believe this season is make or break for him. All excuses are gone now. Deadwood players are gone so the wage bill is healthier. We got decent money for Ings and Vestergaard so can sign players he wants, in addition to those he has recruited already. He has had enough time to establish is system and ideas and train / develop the squad. He has plenty of experience in the EPL, so knows what’s needed. What other excuses are there? Squad depth? He doesn’t use them. Squad quality? He chose them and trains them. Back room s
  6. If we blow the entire Ings income on a single player, it needs to come with more guarantee of success than Armstrong IMO. As we saw with Adams, lots of goals in the Championship doesn’t mean the same in the EPL. I suspect the club know the Ings money is our only money, so want to bring multiple players in rather than spend it all on one.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=d6ztLI50I-0
  8. I don't wish to alarm anybody... but we're still not very good at defending.
  9. I might be late to the party… but I’ve just seen we’re advertising on TV now, Sky One to be precise. Somewhat suggests ST sales aren’t superb.
  10. I’d keep if the price was right and his motivation to play for us and succeed was strong. But in reality, he hasn’t shown he’s capable of succeeding in the Prem, and coming from Liverpool elevates his price for no good reason, so I doubt he’ll join us. One thing worth saying is any move, however cheap, should come after we’ve put serious money into priority positions such as a striker and fullbacks. If there’s money left, sure, sign him up.
  11. Does anybody know the likely routine for getting into the game? Will it be like the games between lockdowns where you had a specific gate and very specific entry time? Or, more like normal and just turn up as you wish? I'm hoping and assuming the latter, but haven't seen anything concrete either way.
  12. Same, but I've ended up in the Chapel. Still, quiet football is better than no football...
  13. The fact he called out our board and not Ralph, and the fact he made specific reference to playing style, ability to express himself, etc, suggests some significant misalignment with Ralph. I have huge respect for Bertrand and what he has done for us, but if any player can't get fully onboard with the managers style, it's right to move on. I wish him well.
  14. And therein lies our constraint, which is why we're playing Adam's as a first choice striker. That's the balance we as fans need to remember; we can't afford to buy EPL-proven quality unless it comes with risks, e.g. Ings and his injury record when we signed him, or Adams and the risk that he won't carry his goal scoring levels up from the Championship.
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