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  1. RedFear

    Adam Lallana

    Cock Piss Partridge
  2. RedFear

    Gao FT article

    the way to ensure it all comes falling down would be to do the exact opposite of what he intends and follows the lead of some of you on here. spending money we don't have and running thing in a non self-sustaining way. just like when 'Saints went Wilde' if anything Gao's methods ensure our long term future. Id be much more concerned about what relegation would bring if I were a Bournemouth fan why all of sudden must we be a team that has an owner willing to pump millions and millions of their own money in?? we have never had that and we don't have it now (as with most clubs). so why all the wailing about it now?
  3. the guy is a machine. Ive already donated more then I anticipated as each new video has left me in awe of the challenge he set himself and what he has already accomplished all the best Franny, and I hope he recovers enough to get back on it tomorrow
  4. I dont have an issue with any ones view on football, so im not quoting to knock yours but personally id love Dyche here and have thought that for a long time. as you say, hes done a brilliant job at Burnley, id argue with one of the worst squads to have been in the prem too. As ive pointed out on here before, he was also excellent at Watford. its worth noting, doing better then both malky mackay and, yes, even brendan rodgers, with a much worse team too (the best players following those 2 out the door with them) i also know from inside information at the time, all this was done with an absolute lunatic in charge too. it was only the take over that caused him to lose his job i believe he would be an excellent appointment for us, and lets be honest, very unlikely to be pursued by other clubs if he does succeed here. which i think he would
  5. RedFear

    Wesley Hoedt

    yes, because i believe he was good enough to play for the team that took them apart in that final not that i want to get into a debate with you bout personal football opinions and bore everyone else to death
  6. RedFear

    Wesley Hoedt

    Christ, he'd have some front. VVD was class and if anything was selling himself short doing all that simply for a move to Liverpool. Whilst certainly not the only one, he's one of the main reasons we are no where near european football! But, here's hoping it comes to that anyway
  7. another to add to yes, that's exactly what id like to happen haven't renewed yet, and still torn if im going to or not (although, as usual, think I probably will eventually)
  8. only if you like the same joke being told about 6 times im generally a fan of his and find him mostly funny, but found this a little lazy. if I wanted to know how funny he was on twitter id follow him on it, not watch an hour or so of him telling me
  9. RedFear

    Pellegrino OUT

    Les Reed 1 year ago - "I don’t like naming other clubs but Leicester won the league and are now in a relegation battle. We don’t want to do that." I guess you could say he is half right http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/15005364.Reed_backs_Puel_for_Saints_success/
  10. there you go. quicker then me!
  11. couldnt get it to work with OS either, but its on bbc sport website http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/42596414
  12. This is what I have always thought. Les Reed et al. Have taken a lot of credit for players and a system that was in place before they even arrived. I don't necessarily want this to be another thing to beat Reed with, but its really from now and in the next few years we will see the true fruits of his input
  13. I agree, at the time the Sheff Utd job seemed like a great match for them both. Shame it didn't work out I know some people have re-written history with him, but I still have total respect for what he did with us and will always be greatful
  14. the prem is boring and over hyped, but every season the championship was ****, except the one when we got promoted and why do people keep saying prices would be cheaper? where is the evidence of that? season tickets never reduced last time we were relegated
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