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  1. The 20% shit part must be Redmond's shooting practice.
  2. Villa are a bigger club than us to be honest, let's be realistic, I remember 1982 when they won the European Cup.... JWP will be gone as soon as someone - whether it's Villa or Leicester - flashes enough cash to tempt the powers that be. Forget loyalty as well, that won't count for anything.
  3. Ah well. Someone clearly burned their bridges. I did say on Saturday whilst watching the Swansea game that he didn't look like he could be arsed to be there. Let's see if he picks up an 'injury' leading up to November 6th....
  4. The Due Diligence process now involves the interested parties reading this thread. Takes a while you know... haha
  5. Debbie from Copnor on a bench seat I would imagine.
  6. It's the gift that keeps on giving. This thread will never end....because they won't ever change. HMRC...you had ONE job.... Still K-A-R-M-A
  7. No wonder they're all for 'safe standing' - would save them on ground improvements.
  8. She's just very fortunate to be representing the most f***ed up city in the country that has it's palms open like Oliver Twist on a regular basis. Is there anything in Portsmuff that doesn't need renovating? You should've heard all the Tories ringing in to support her on Cleggie's breakfast show this morning. Cringeworthy.
  9. OH MY WORD...you couldn't make this up - will she do it in a P**pey shirt?! http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/local/portsmouth-mp-penny-mordaunt-set-to-make-a-splash-1-5794514
  10. Oh FFS.... What's in the water they give 'em on the interview table?
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