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  1. Well statistically that is the probability according to an online calculator. of course at a level of 2.5% probability it will happen relatively soon to some team or other. Doesn't change the odds though.
  2. 2.59% chance of getting 15 aways out of 21. 100 chance of Dean being involved
  3. Until there is either some actual evidence that vaccine passports have some public health benefit, ( and the parliamentary committee found that they didn’t) or even a strong case made for how that might be, there is no case whatsoever even for the threat of imposing them. And of course, the plan for passports with no testing option , is actually complete nonsense , in the sense that many of those who would have been free to attend are actually more likely to be infected than those unvaxxed who had tested negative.
  4. It isn't a question of not being prepared to take five minutes to do the right thing, which I'm sure all of us would do in order to get out of the covid mess. It is to do with the fact that there is no demonstrable public health benefit of vaccine passports, and the concerns that people have about where they might lead in terms of the individual's relationship with the state. https://committees.parliament.uk/committee/327/public-administration-and-constitutional-affairs-committee/news/155788/no-justification-for-covid-passports-say-committee/
  5. There is no demonstrable benefit in vaccine passports. Even the parliamentary committee said so in their report. Went to a full house League 1 game last night, ( not down the M27 !! ) there were no covid certification checks at all, thankfully.
  6. Well you have a point, but he did have enough time to show glimpses, and he never showed even that, IMO. But as I say it is odd, and we may yet get something good from him.Hope so. He wouldn’t be the first to make good after a dodgy start.
  7. It is really odd how his record everywhere else is so good, admittedly in less strong leagues, yet he was so dreadful for us.you might have expected him at least to make a handy squad player. Perhaps he will yet.
  8. Looks like the parliamentary committee embarrassed themselves too. ttps://committees.parliament.uk/committee/327/public-administration-and-constitutional-affairs-committee/news/155788/no-justification-for-covid-passports-say-committee/
  9. The Telegraph report tonight makes good reading for those who like to discriminate against the unvaccinated. just the covid unvaxxed, mind. For now. Till the next demand .
  10. Of course he is being excluded . Vaccine passports have no public health benefit, and will prove disastrous for the relationship between the state and the individual, a relationship that has already been hugely damaged.
  11. teamsaint


    Here is a glimpse of the future if the nudge units get their way. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/sports-fans-face-sober-summer-of-stamping-their-feet-gv0qwldzz
  12. The match stats from the Charlton game make interesting reading.
  13. True, but there is time for them to lose some form yet.
  14. teamsaint


    I'd be interested to know what those of you who are parents of school age kids think about getting your children vaccinated ? Or even hearsay evidence from friends and colleagues.
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