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  1. Shamblehurst barn has sky and BT now, they're showing it. He's just crap at letting it be known they have BT sports!
  2. I was there, it deffo went in. I thought it was claimed for at the time, where we were in the archers it was clear as day! The net did bulge a bit too from what I can remember.
  3. Ok, sorry, thought it was quite smart in a different kind of way. Not a solid block of red, not got stupid pinstripes, didn't realise people were so anal when it came to kit design. Sorry, that's a lie, I did know that! Lol
  4. So , no one seen the new Middlesbrough kit? Reverse version of our beloved sash kit. Sorry, don't have a link.
  5. Well there was an Aston Martin with the reg VEHO S parked in the Shamblehurst Barn earlier on, obviously having to reign in their spending nowadays. And it is really them so ice been told!
  6. Woo, whatever, no one will see it when we are all sat or stood in our seats when the TV cameras pan round for a crowd shot!
  7. cleaver

    Best intros

    What? No sweet child o mine! Guns & Roses
  8. cleaver

    Jim Steele

    I have seen him a few times recently drinking in the shamblehurst barn, hedge end. HTH.
  9. Ha, at least one Theiving skate bastard got his just desserts today, the pikey (nearly) nicked a roll of my lead from a pallett waiting to be llifted to where I was working , when it turns up its one short, so I inform the site agent and contract manager, who promptly decide to search every vehicle on site, no whinging by anyone, but by the time the search was complete, the roll of lead turns up outside the van that the thick **** stowed it in, and was clocked by the roofer in the process! Result? He got sacked on the spot from Ford Civil Engineering and lost all previous weekly wages! Thank you Bellway Homes.
  10. what kit(home) did we have when we WON the FA Cup? What kit did we have when we won the MIGHTY JPT cup? Answer . Red and White Stripes!! Nuff said
  11. sorry, not liking the home kit at all, that is not us, umbro going out with a statement? who knows. I hoped all this ITK boll ix was just a smokescreen and that the club had deliberately leaked false information to smoke out the moles, but obviously i was wrong. I think they could have swapped the shorts over between kits to make it a bit less liverpool though! I suppose we've got a cracking close season next year to debate what the NEW kit manufacturer will do with STRIPES, Hopefully!!!!
  12. Not having that red one at all!!
  13. Just looked. No it's not . Tell him to sort it out, and then I'll buy it. Bought the book by Daniel clay called broken on kindle, set in hedge end, very good read, being made into a film I believe, but sadly set in a grim northern town, not the glorious hedge end!
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