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  1. Ralphs credit ran out last night. Sick of watching the team play like that. Relegation battle clearly looming next season. We just need a manager that can play progressive football and keep us safely mid table. Maybe thats an impossible ask with the owners we have.
  2. Conceded the same goal as we did against Brighton and Burnley. Long ball up to the big man, flick on with Bednarek made to look like a muppet, second striker straight in on goal. Wtf is Ralph doing in training? Its horrifying.
  3. Brightons goal - all our players daydreaming, walking and marking space. No idea going forward, nothing. We are as bad as Sheff Utd, WBA and Newcastle and are in a fight to stay up now. Absolutely fucking dreadful. Ralph needs to step up or ship out.
  4. Need a win here, no question. Time for the Senior Pros to make a statement. Che badly needs a goal, play him here as he must fancy it as a big chance. Redmond off the bench with a point to prove if needed. Is the Karate Kid back yet? Might be another good wildcard option off the bench with a point to prove.
  5. In possession behaves like he's trying to manage a shopping trolley with a wobbly wheel. Last night was about as effective as an empty crisp packet blowing around Goodison. If we're a bit short on players, give a traffic cone a chance.
  6. Think its the end of the shirt arm for offside now. In which case its unprofessional for Saints to allow Che out with long sleeves.
  7. Amazed Portsmouth has a 'University'. Must be new, because it wasn't there in the Nineties. Clearly no locals are ever going to go there as they are all thick and ignorant, and I can't believe anyone would choose to live amongst the toothless apes to attend.
  8. They won't have had any interest over the period they have been involved with Pompey Lite though.
  9. Birmingham, home of the motor industry. A good fit for Britains premier managerial wheeler dealer. Hopefully he'll take the Blues down to meet the Skates next season. A relegation 6 pointer next season would be worthy of a substantial popcorn order.
  10. Anyone got a video they can post of their missed penalty at the weekend? Comedy Gold.
  11. £500K firesale = Wages for the next few months
  12. If they get promoted at Wembley I would rather they had won the League. Anything but that.
  13. For a moment there I thought Jordan had declared financial difficulties.
  14. Up the Ironsides! *Strolling down the virtual Cromwell Road with a big smile on my face!
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