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  1. Whilst ill agree a lot of our attacking was 'frustrating' last season a quick look at the league 8 teams scored less than us with another also scoring 47. Scoring goals was not a huge problem last season especially when you consider we were conceding so many meaning we cant be scoring at the same time. Replace one of Redmond or Djenepo and sort out the defence and the picture looks a lot better. In respect of Minamino, as others have said, there is certainly a player there, maybe fits us maybe he doesn't but i wouldnt want to use a huge amount of our budget to find out .
  2. Ill respect the gesture more when players are allowed to do what they want and not feel compelled to take the knee when they don't believe in it. Ill go out on a limb and say there is no way in hell that only the handful of players that have publicly stopped taking the knee pre game are the ones that believe it is an empty gesture, a significant amount are doing it because the are compelled too or are concerned by the 'cancel culture' epidemic.
  3. God your ignorant aren't you. Who do you think will pay for it in the championship, league 1, probably struggle every game in the Premier league.
  4. Out of interest did you ask him anything about how he perceived this type of business model working with the very real possibility that Southampton Football Club doesnt exist in the premier league?
  5. Can you think of anything that was different playing at home last season compared to others and in turn what it is likely to be next season compared to last?
  6. Thats funny, i remember seeing him take 5 attempts before he managed to pass to a Saints player and dont remember he beating a player 1 on 1 all game.
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