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  1. Don't forget the Statue Fred. That beat this Fred by a million miles A fortune Lost.
  2. Er this Fred is about Skate City PFC and the small chance they may be for the drop,,,,,As ITS ABOUT US THE BLUE FEW You can forget all the lardy dar typo shyt,
  3. With the net closing tightly round Skate City,,,,,,,Deep in yore Pony fiddling hearts you just know theres gonna be a hole, And them Fishy****ers will slip on threw;)
  4. Ah hear we go Knife in the Back time, Gutted to think that after all the support that we showed to you Its now back to (I'm alright Jack!)
  5. As for the DR he was getting the whole of Pompey city and all for the deal, perhaps that's what has made it stall. Kin-ell Nickh! We don't live on Christmas island;)
  6. Lol, I think you will find That us the Blue few know PS affectionately by the name of Porky Pie, So i would suggest its not the sun that comes out of his asshole:D Joking aside,,,Peter has kept the administrator away from the door on his Jack for the last 9 months, So he cant be that bad at his job. Er yes guv the moneys in the post honest!
  7. Can i have ice and Orange with my Viduka please!:-#
  8. Hmmmmmmm,,,Fish-n-Chip day,,,,,,I wouldnee Batter an eyelid if it don't happen, In fact i would take this news with a pinch of salt;)
  9. From the inside looking out it looks fuggin worse:-#
  10. oooooooooooh,,,,,,,,you little devil!
  11. Well done RedArmy thats whats needed a bit of positive thinking:smt023 And for all those who think Gayman will lose mega bucks on us,,,,,,like fook he will,:mad:,,,,,,My view of it is He paid for us with a 30mill bank note, spent 12 mill on 3 yidds and has been clawing it back ever since, Bag puss had already started to put together a top ten side and after the FA win Gayman had started to asset strip, Making big profits on the likes of Muntari, Deara, the mucky midget, Mendez, Johno, and quite possibly Crouch, Calamity, Disstan, Leaving him the wad to pay off the note, and ride off into the
  12. pony fiddlers that manège to post on the skate board is Granty and a few others, If Steve starts a bit of banter the mods throw there dummies and lock the thread ,,,,,,,,FF i ask you, where is the fun in rivals if you cant have a bit of Banter,,,,We are lucky the mods on this forum are not so narrow minded;) Ps,,,instead of wishing us to fall to your Leval Get your arses back to ours, this is were the real fun is,
  13. Spoken like a true scumpy,,,,,,this skate salutes you=D>:smt023
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