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  1. Huge respect to those who spoke up to put people like Bob Higgins away. It amazes me though how they managed to get away with it for years and years. I used to attend Bob Higgins soccer academy and it disgusts me that Higgins was active during those periods.
  2. Well that wasn’t great tonight. We are just so slow at times and allow the opposition to get back into shape. Not really sure where we go from here and I think we seriously need to hope that we a couple of loan options available to us. I honestly think ralf will go at the end of the season because he’s taken us as far as we can go without any support from the board. And as for the officials, pricks.
  3. Great result considering Villa have made a great start and are a much better team than last season. They had nothing to lose second half and it wasn’t a surprise to see them push us back. Four away goals is impressive. Some people need some perspective. Great 3 points.
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