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  1. This thread is embarrassing! LOCK
  2. WTF! With your attitude we'd all still be living in caves/mud huts and grunting at each other! I know they still do down the road, but not here!
  3. Agreed! Loads of clubs have a football on their badge, big clubs at that!
  4. Just what they said before current design!
  5. So you want modern design then, no history within the badge?
  6. I'm sure they said that before the current design!
  7. Yeah, the club really don't need to do anything more than a slight update/refresh. We don't need/want a total re-branding. I really believe the addition of "THE SAINTS" and 1885 within the circular badge whilst also enlarging the font on Southampton fc actually compliments/enhances our current design A few tweaks to my effort below, but really think that would take a lot of beating without upsetting a whole swathe of the fan base!
  8. Now i'm no expert but did that in about half hour using others images and paint. If the club did that then i'd be happy!
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