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  1. Might be ok if the grass is lush enough
  2. I knew Steve well and went to school with him at Prices in Fareham, he lived next door to a great mate of mine in Warsash. He won the Young Player of the Year award one year I think, possibly the same year Keegan was Player of the Year. Last time I saw him was a few years ago at the Village Inn in Park Gate, had an interesting chat about his move and time at Leicester.
  3. mickn


    There's more police in that last photo than I've seen anywhere in the past 2 months. Just had an email from the local classic car club about a couple in Winchester out in their old Land Rover giving it a run, stopped by the police and each fined £200.00 for being out with no lawful excuse. Think I'll carry a shopping list at all times.
  4. So he's basically saying I'm as much of an arseh#le as my old man
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