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  1. They've signed Begovic as well. Nice try though...
  2. Won't lie, I'm a student. Cheaper tickets with half decent cheap beer would convince me and my friends to travel down in a large group. Drinking a fair amount and sing loudly, stupidly and drunkenly... What more could you want?
  3. Sadly no as the last shirt I owned has Pahars on the back of it!
  4. They were told that repeatedly
  5. I sat a block over from them, they were loud as anything all game.
  6. Thought he played well today, made some good defensive plays also. If he could just work out how to score from the deadballs I'd be a very happy chap.
  7. Shout out to Yoshi who I thought had a great game today. On a side note, first time seeing Saints in 13 years, good game to come back too!
  8. 2 yellows, one for dissent.
  9. Change Fazio to Dembele and I'd be fairly happy with that...
  10. He could at least cook his missus a meal
  11. I honestly think there must be something with him, maybe his knees are dodgy, otherwise he would of been transferred by now surely! Or wages ofc...
  12. Romeu likes a pop from distance aswell which I'm a fan of.
  13. Seems like our sort of signing tbh
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