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iPhone Application Developer/Partner

Crab Lungs

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Dear someone with the required knowledge,


I have been developing an iPhone application idea and I am now at a stage where I intend to transfer it from my mind into reality. That said, I'm not entirely sure whom to speak with regarding developing the application.


In my opinion, it is a fairly simple application and after researching online I've not seen an application that combines all the aspects of what I have encompassed - so therefore it is a very unique application amongst a seemingly endless deluge of oh-so similar products.


I have so far completed the application box design and I am currently undertaking the rather arduous task of composing a product/functionality overview of the application. After I have completed the text I had intended to approach a developer with the idea to discuss the viability and development cost of the application itself.


However (!) - if at all possible, I would also like to entertain the idea of finding a partner who is willing to help me develop the application as a joint venture. I'm looking for someone who would be happy to forego the development cost (or at the very least depending on the scope of the project) subsidise the development with a view to sharing any income that the application makes.


I understand that this is primarily an internet football forum however if there is a fellow Saints fan with the knowledge and expertise to assist in creating this application and is, in turn, interested or enthusiastic in the project then I would prefer to explore any options further with them.


Interestingly, there is scope to develop this idea beyond an iPhone application though I would also be seeking more technical 'know-how' and guidance to do so.


I intend to have the product overview documentation finished within the next 2-3 weeks for anyone who is interested in assisting or becoming a partner for the application.


Of course, drop me a PM if you are interested in the project or even if you are likeminded soul interested in working and developing future applications as this something that I am exploring myself at this current moment in time.





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