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Woman lynched after drunk hit and run

Saint in Paradise

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A Brazilian housewife celebrating her 24th birthday was shot and lynched after running over a pregnant woman and her daughter

while driving drunk, local media reported on Sunday, citing police.


Pamela de Souza Costa was shot five times after being caught by a group of residents in the town of Macae, 160km northeast of

Rio de Janeiro, immediately after the accident on Friday, the O Globo newspaper said.


The woman she ran into, Silmara Rodrigues, was badly hurt and lost her unborn baby. She may also have to have a leg amputated.

Rodrigues' eight-year-old daughter Raissa was killed.


According to reports, Costa had been driving home after drinking at her birthday party when she lost control of her car and ran

into Rodrigues and her daughter, who were slammed against a wall.


She tried to leave the scene of the accident but crashed into a post. A group of angry locals pulled her out of her car

and one person shot her several times before running away.



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