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someone wanted to 'befriend' me


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Guest Hacienda
any guesses as to who?



(i declined the offer by the way)


Someone did it to me as well. I also declined.


Nowt as odd as folk.

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Atticus and hornetbreath have requested my freindship, I have not declined or accepted them, I want to keep there hopes and dreams alive.


Had 2 from him already. I accepted the first so I think he may be playing Tiggs silly little game? I think its a ploy to get someone to cave to pay for their membership.

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ive had 3 from him..........LOL

just had one from Atticus too!!


Evening sweetheart.

This is my last post for today. I saved it for you. I was waiting, hoping you'd appear.

I'm so pleased that you accepted my friendship so readily. I knew from the first moment you starting flirting and carrying on with me that you wanted to trake it a bit further. I can't send any PMs as I have not signed up, so all our declarations will have to be made here (although we could find a quiet spot in Buy/Sell if you like, not that I'm suggesting you sell me anything. I am not calling you a prostitute. And if I were I am sure you would be a classy and expensive one, and I can't even afford £5).

I just wanted to start our special cyber friendship in the right way, by letting you know that my intentions are honourable, for now.

Send me some nice messages in the buy/sell forum. Put it in code so none of the perverts can get off while reading them.


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I wish people would stop lying about me being their friend. I know that I am cultural currency around here, but jumping on the Tiggs bandwagon is no way to make your name on here. I am sure you are all lovely people with lots to give, remember you are unique - you don't need to associate yourself with Tiggs to succeed in being an internet spammer. You can do it on your own, I believe in you.



However, this has given me an idea.


As people seem to be struggling to find the funds to sponsor my subscription - credit crunch, I totally understand guys - I have another financial plan for my membership.


I am going to offer out the Tiggs name as a franchise. You may call yourself Tiggs stevo, Tiggsruu, TiggsRomseySaint, sainttiggsanui, Master Tiggs, Buzzin' Tiggs, etc for a small donation to the Tiggs subscription fund.

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