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** Serious Question


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He has a normal hand.




Maybe a normal false one. Mind you I don't suppose he's allowed his hook in Belmarsh anyway.


Abu Hamza lost both his hands and the use of his left eye as a result of wounds sustained in Afghanistan during a de-mining project around 1993.[6] He now uses a distinctive hook as his right hand. He claims to have lost his hands and eye as the result of helping clear land mines in Afghanistan left behind by the Soviet Union. Some dispute this claim and offer alternative theories, including that his hands may have been cut off as punishment for theft in Saudi Arabia.[7] On a special edition of the BBC's Newsnight program broadcast 16 November 2006 a Moroccan-French spy known by the pseudonym Omar Nasiri [5] claimed that he was told by one of his teachers in Afghanistan that he [the teacher] was present when Abu Hamza lost his hands in a nitroglycerin accident, in an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. [6]

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Is it incredibly wrong for me to think that people like Abu Hamza should just be shot?


I mean he comes to this country (having said he hates western civilisation), lives off benefits, holds openly available 'hate-mongering' speeches ranting about how Islam should unite to rid the world of us westerners and gets away with it.


Why are you here if you hate it so much?


I have no qualms about saying I hope he dies.


I expect I will get a lot of grief from people on here saying he is entitled to his opinion but if he wishes to express this kind of opinion, he can fruck off back to where he came from and preach about it there!

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