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All you can eat buffet places in and around Southampton?


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I walked past Food Factory yesterday; I never knew exactly what it was or where it was before then. The 4 fat slobs I saw that were taking themselves in there and licking their lips in delight at the never-ending food marathon they were about to face was enough to put me off.

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Pilgrim House is good if you like Chinese all you can eat.

Second that went there for a family lunch in March everyone came out with satisfyingly full tums. I would recommend you book as there were loads waiting for a space on the Saturday lunchtime we were there.

also it's not a £9.95 a plate go and serve yourself type place, you order off the menu everyone dips in and you order as you want more. However pace yourself as if your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you leave a load of untouched dishes you will get charged full menu price for those left dishes: certainly stops good food going in the bin and folks taking the whatsit.

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