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What is the weirdest advert you have seen at a football stadium?


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I wondered about the pneumatic equipment advert on the new advertising boards. Hardly likely to be of interest to most football fans. Still, maybe thats where everyone went after the second Wigan goal. Off to catch the local pneumatic shop before it closed at 5pm to stock up on flexible conduit and linear actuators!

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The weirdest ads I've seen at football were the ones during England v Italy the other week, they clearly had been superimposed using some green-screen technology and wobbled around when the camera angle changed.


In addition, the screen used was the same colour as the dark bits in some players' hair, so a few times they appeared to have invisible bodies with ads showing through - also the adverts on the replays from different angles not linked to the artificial rendering were the standard "in-ground" ones and not the "for England" ones.


They stopped doing it after about half an hour so they obviously noticed the disappearing player heads...

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