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Always enjoyed us beating Manure

fareham saint phil

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Bobby Stokes no Saints fan can ever forget that, must have seen that goal 10,000+ times and will never get tired of seeing it

Timmy Flowers penalty save from Giggs and then the sight of him sprinting the full length of the pitch

3-1 Grey shirt excuse from ferguson, still the lamest ever reason given for a defeat

6-3 Eyal missile, MLT lobbing scheimkel (dont know and dont care how you spell it) on his 6 yd line

Beattie last minute winner at SMS


Lets hope theres another lasting memory from a Saints player yesterday


Saints v Devils always a good match


And yes I forget the defeats

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I will be honest..we are going to lose tomorrow...sadly

we will lose at the emirates and this place will go into utter madness about our signings are a waste of money


however, end sept through till end nov will see us nicely in mid table IMO


Exactly. When I saw the fixture list I thought that we'd be bottom after 6 games with 0 pts. I stand by that. It's going to be a long and hard season.

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Brilliant, I love the bit I pasted below. The "internet generation" is completely intolerant of any opinions other than your own. I know I can be as bad as anyone, but I only do it to provoke debate (read as; stir sh*t up for a laugh). But anyway;


[h=2]3) Southampton 1-0 Manchester United (FA Cup final, 1 May 1976)[/h]Hey pop kids!!! Anyone for some raging pro-United Guardian bias?!? You love it, you lot, don't you? Gertcha! Here goes, then, with the leader column of the Guardian on the morning of the 1976 FA Cup final between Manchester United and Southampton. "A newspaper can sit quite comfortably astride any convenient fence and say, for example, that though Manchester United are a glamorous footballing side, nevertheless Southampton have the romance of the underdog to set alongside the talent of Channon. Or vice versa. Wembley today, however, is no occasion for vice or versa. Manchester must win. A loss will be a disaster ... Throughout the season, dismantling dour defence after dour defence, United have sent a dozen managers back to the drawing board. The repercussions, exhilarating already, will gain permanence if Manchester United gain a major trophy. Football will win if they win."

Imagine if this newspaper – if any newspaper – had the chutzpah to publish something like this today. The bottom half of the internet would shear off and frisbee away into outer space, powered solely by the hot heat of disproportionate outrage, never to return. Something which may or may not give our current leader writers pause. But back in the day, opinions were tolerated in the adult fashion.

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