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Social media pages and important links for Saints fans outside Southampton.

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I'll keep this updated regularly. It will act as a useful link for Saints fans travelling abroad during the season, as well as those who are relocating permanently, allowing them to get in touch with fans in the area straight away!


THE CLUB has now jumped on board our idea of the #GlobalSFC hashtag saintsfc.co.uk/globalsaints to be used for all events/news/pictures and updates from our overseas supporters. We've already had contributions from Saints fans in Hungry, Afghanistan, Trinidad, New Zealand and Hull..


If you know of any other overseas Southampton groups that aren't already on the list, please post them below.


If you live in an area that doesn't have a FB or Twitter group, feel free to set one up and I'll add it to the list.


NOT on SOCIAL MEDIA? NO PROBLEM: Almost all of the content listed below is accessible to those without accounts. Keep up with events/news in your area by clicking on one of the links below.


#GlobalSFC To view the content coming through on Twitter or Insta

To join the conversation, simply add #GlobalSFC to your posts on social media.




ARGENTINA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Argentina TWITTER: @SaintsArg INSTA: @saintsarg

AUSTRALIA FACEBOOK: Southampton Australian Supporters TWITTER: @AussieSaintsSAS

Where to watch? Melbourne: Imperial Hotel, Bourke Street Sydney Cheers Bar, George Street Brisbane Pig 'N' Whistle Riverside

BANGLADESH FACEBOOK: Southampton Bangladeshi Supporters

BELGIUM FACEBOOK: Belgian Saints Supporters

BRAZIL FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Brasil TWITTER: @TheSaintsBR INSTA: @saints_brasil

BULGARIA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Bulgaria Weekly Saints Blog: Bulgarian Saints WP

Where to watch? Sofia: J.J. Murphy's

CAMBODIA FACEBOOK: Cambodian Saints contact

Where to watch? Siem Reap: Sport Legends Arena

CANADA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Canada

CARDIFF TWITTER: @Cardiffsaints

CHILE TWITTER: @Saints_Chile INSTA: southamptonchile

CHINA WEIBO: Chinese Saints

DENMARK FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Denmark

DUBAI FACEBOOK: Dubai Saints TWITTER: @dubaisaints

Where to watch? Barasti Beach, Al Sufouh Road

FRANCE TWITTER: @SouthamptonFCFR INSTA: southamptonfcfr

GERMANY FACEBOOK: Saints in Germany

GREECE FACEBOOK: SaintsFC]SaintsFC Greek Supporters TWITTER: @saints_greece

Where to watch? Athens: Athens Sports Bar

HONG KONG FACEBOOK: SouthamptonFC Hong Kong

Where to watch? Trafalgar Pub, 54-62 Lockhart Road

INDIA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC India


IRELAND FACEBOOK: Irish Saints Supporters Club TWITTER: @IrishSaintsfc

ITALY FACEBOOK: Italian Saints

JAPAN FACEBOOK: Saints in Japan TWITTER: @SouthamptonFCJP

KENYA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Kenya

LAOS FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Laos

LONDON FACEBOOK:London Saints TWITTER: @londonsaints WEBSITE: londonsaints.com

MALAYSIA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Malaysia

MALTA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Malta TWITTER: @SaintsFCMalta

NEW YORK FACEBOOK: New York Supporters of Southampton Football Club

Where to watch? Football Factory at Legends


Where to watch? Sportvereniging A.R.C.

NEW ZEALAND FACEBOOK: Southampton FC New Zealand Supporters

NIGERIA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Nigeria TWITTER: Saint Tayo

NORTHERN SAINTS(U.K) FACEBOOK: Northern Saints(group) TWITTER: @NorthernSaints1

NORWAY FACEBOOK: Southampton Norway

PAKISTAN FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Pakistani Supporters

POLAND FACEBOOK: Southampton Polska

RUSSIA SOCIAL MEDIA: Russian Saints Supporters

SIERRA LEONE: Southampton Sierra Leone


Where to watch? The Lazy Lizard - Saints merch everywhere!

SOUTH KOREA FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Korea INSTA: saintsfcsk WEBSITE: SFC Korea Website

SWEDEN FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Sweden

SWITZERLAND FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Switzerland


Where to watch? Bangkok: Molly Malones


USA FACEBOOK: United States of Southamptonfc TWITTER: @SaintsFCUSA

Where to watch? Arlington, VA: Ireland's Four Courts Cincinnati: Molly Malone's Cleveland: Old Angle Tavern New Orleans: Finn McCool's Irish Pub

VIETNAM FACEBOOK: Southampton FC Vietnam


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All the above groups have a chance to get exclusive Matchday coverage and direct shout outs and plugs from the players this season. We need to get @ Andythesaint9 to 1000+ followers before the season starts for the club to tick off on the idea. If you run one of the above Twitter groups, please ask your fans to follow Andy. Otherwise, please follow him yourself. Excellent opportunity for our overseas supporter groups :)

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Can you add in the Northern Saints:



Twitter: @northernsaints1

Facebook "Northern Saints"





Hi John,


I've added all three. I also had a quick check of numbers and there are quite a few Saints fans up north! As a quick example, there are 2,600 Southampton supporters on Facebook, living within 50 miles of Manchester. However, it's a little harder to bring all these people together with a group instead of a page. They're very easy things to set up, you could always run both simultaneously, as the group offers more privacy. Happy to help if need be, just let me know.




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No Tossas on this link? Hmmm, do they still exist?!


Hi Polaroid


Yes we are still going strong and active,

We have over 100 members registered on our Yahoo page.


TOSSA - The Oxford Saints Supporters Association

COLSLAW - Committee Of Loyal Saints Living Around Watford


We organise travel, tickets and social gatherings, so anyone living north of London and want to get know fellow exiled Saints in our area. Let us know...




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You might like to update the number of followers for the Thailand Fanclub Facebook page in the original post. There are (as of 30/07/13) 1,135!

All sorted, thanks for dropping in. Remember the #GlobalSFC hashtag on Facebook and Twitter this year. Looking forward to speaking with Saints from all over the world this season!

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I am an overseas Saint. Now to forums until I met a guy in Bangkok who told me about this place and the rather odd Ugly Inside, where it seems no one from overseas can even join. What's that about?

Anyway, I have been going to see Saints since the 70's and in that time have seen the two 1980's FA cup semi defeats, the ZDS final defeat but missed all the others as I moved back to India and then Thailand. I am Thai/Indian. My family moved and got Thai citizenship deals back in the 1920's. Great place Bangkok, but now for the moment I am living and doing my online work up in Kalasin Province. We have another Saints fan or two in town. One from Southampton itself, and one from Basingstoke. Small world huh.

Cheers all. 

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