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  1. I've always associated Pompey with number two.
  2. To be fair, who could resist the huge 7-pointer when 23rd v 15th in the 3rd division meet head-to-head?
  3. Wasn't he a kamikaze pilot? Flew 25 successful missions I heard.
  4. Whatever else we might say about that shıthole down the road, that new carrier is an impressive sight.
  5. Finally in the safe hands of a fantastically wealthy (but they hope financially inept) new owner, and in the never ending battle against the evil forces of taxmen, creditors, petty rule makers and scummahs, Captain Catlin, Wookie Westwood and Princess Penny embark on a new adventure, backed by a valiant new army of mice, ducks, bears, dogs and pirates, and don’t forget the dwarves. No longer hampered by being the biggest club in the league (that would be Bradford) Or the most successful (that would be Blackburn) Or most recently in the premier league (that would also be Blackburn)
  6. So, just three more days to go then we have to close the thread down. Shame, it's been fun.
  7. Since when has money ever been a problem for them?
  8. I think what he was trying to say is that unfortunately, while these works look great, they are not the real “big ticket” items. Everyone has seen earlier reports of potential costs of around £5m and that is the broad number we are working to. ‘However, having seen deep into the South stand this summer, I would now expect a few surprises to come out of the woodwork on further projects. It’s like doing up an old car or property, it’s not an exact science. ‘By the end of these current works, all the remaining escrow money will have been spent – and some more. ‘The additional money has c
  9. Sue, you've read Steve's post in Site Suggestions haven't you?
  10. Eh? The prosecutions are under law that was in existence at the time of the tragedy, nothing to do with Brexit. If you are referring to Grenfell, my view is that Mr. Jobsworth armed with his clipboard, will be much more aware of the potential consequences of turning a blind eye, and now that the authorities have shown willingness to prosecute individuals, the H&S brigade will tighten up their recommendations and requirements. All within the existing rules. I doubt that Brexit will make a blind bit of difference. And if you're referring to deregulation I think a suggestion that Br
  11. Apportioning criminal liability to individuals, as opposed to vague corporate liability usually resulting from H&S breaches means that the pendulum will definitely swing towards individuals not taking any chances with respect to safety certification or capacity issues and more money will definitely be required, particularly at decrepit buildings like FP. Budgets will be under pressure. They can't afford Fratton Park, it will ruin them. Deregulation shifts liability, it doesnt make it disappear.
  12. I see the former club secretary at Sheffield Wednesday is to be prosecuted over Hillsborough. That, and the recent Grenfell tragedy, is going to hurt the player budgets of skint clubs like Pompey.
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