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  1. Clive tyldsley commentating on ITV keeps spurning out awful cliches has be the worst Michael Owen Carragher Savage
  2. As a kid FA cup home to Wrexham 0-1 David smallman 1974 Rush at white hart lane in extra time and Heath at Highbury of course .. Norris meant nothing they still went down we still went up and it was a draw meant little in long run
  3. How many tickets we sold for this ? Fair play to all that are going especially with the game Saturday
  4. Totally agree I remember the 8-0 Everton as a kid followed by the 5-2 Man U the next weekend was distraught then this just seems worst at the mo! Sure I get over it !!
  5. Agree about Higginbottom had nothing good say about saints would never believe he played for us
  6. Well that’s not true they beat us when redknapp was their manager I’m sure in a league cup game
  7. Remember him getting horrendous injury away at Blackpool 2008 was a class act
  8. So there is no Spanish saints ? Would like to amend that as just moved and already poster asking for saints in costa Blanca
  9. We must have had nearly same amount for saints v united at the dell record attendance
  10. Any saints in inland costa Blanca or Alicante area who would like meet up for some match days TV games . I’m near Sax so Pinosso, Hondon, Elda area ..
  11. Sky disagreed saying how well he played hazard and will be one of the shining lights for our future
  12. Think we always been pretty rubbish against Sheffield Weds
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