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Woolies and Cackers

Weston Super Saint

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popped into wollies this morning and that has to be the worst closing down sale ever....it gives the impression that everything had 50% off..when in reality, that is not the case...


i popped in to see if i could maybe get a cheap PS3 game and things like that and anything of note only had 10% off...which made gamestation around the corner STILL cheaper...



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Was in one on Saturday for a look around.


The queues were huge, with people buying poxy crap.


I mean, who in their right mind would queue for half an hour to save 50p on something.



as it was early the queues were minimal...purchased myself a classy girls alound 2009 calendar..felt sorry for the people serving me as you can hear everyone asking them if they are going to lose their jobs.....well. DUH!!!!

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