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5 New Years' Resolutions for Southampton Football Club


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I was asked to write five New Years' Resolutions for HereIsTheCity as a feature, so here's my attempt at it.


I spoke to a few Saints fans about what they wanted to see to make sure what I was saying was pretty much in line and reflective of the views of Southampton supporters, without being wide of the mark. I'd like to think that I've called it about right, but feel free to let me know whether you do or do not agree.


Obviously though, it can't be the main five for everyone.




So, what do you hope to see from SFC in 2014 - and what do you believe the club should be targeting or achieving?



Thanks - and your views on what I put are appreciated!




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This statement in your article doesn't make sense: "Rickie Lambert blasted himself into infamy ...". I presume you have a mistaken sense of what the word infamy means.


It definitely didn't read like that before I sent it off to be edited by the sub-editor.


(Yes, that's it, blame the subbie.. :) )


On a serious note, I didn't write it like that. I said that Lambert had secured lifelong fame.

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The most important thing in my eyes is keeping hold of Nicola. Nobody really knows the trusts intentions or motivations, and this is the only cloud on what has been a pretty clear horizon. My wish for the new year is that Nicola is given a stake in the club as an owner rather than employee of the trust. I've always hoped he'd get a consortium together and be in charge as long as Lowe was.

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