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New telly


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Looking at getting a new telly.

Currently have an LG 1080p 37 inch in the lounge but the telly in the bedroom is awful so want to get a new one for lounge and move that upstairs


Want 42 inch. At least 100hz 1080p for around £350-400.


LG look good a bet so far. Samsungs are a tad more expensive


Any suggestions?

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Go to Richer Sounds and speak to them.


They have tons of good deals and usually know their stuff. There may also be local deals that you can benefit from.


That, combined with a smartphone for a quick Internet second opinion should see you right.

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Of those two Id be looking at the LG, dont write off that Samsung its a brilliant TV at a decent price, ok your two inches shorter than you want but I think we can all admit we would put up with that. You have to get a Smart TV or else you will wish you did moving forward I think, plus 3D is a bit gimmicky but good to have a potentially gaming will use it in the future plus Sky do some good 3d stuff every so often.


Just dont rush into anything, I nearly bought the 40" LG option of the above (or v similar) but it was sold out, glad I took the time to look at reviews though and settled on the samsung I posted earlier, V happy with 3D babestation.

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You get what you pay for. My tv cost £1700 on amazon back in 2010 john Lewis were selling it for £3200 pays to shop around. Got a toshiba absolutely brilliant tv. Toshiba were doing a promotion back then if England win World Cup we will pay for your tv or laptop I managed to convince the missus it was ours and we might as well get a real good tv paid for , she fell for it!!!

They may also do something similar this year if they are still sponsors of the national team. AL wins you your tv :)



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