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Kat's Statement

Barry Sanchez

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Posting in here as lots of gushing on the main board over a statement which in effect means little, what concerned me was there was not mention on strengthening at all, no buying players or blue chips signings, simply this


"I am particularly excited that the Southampton tradition of nurturing and providing young talent with first team opportunities is set to flourish with the strong academy foundation we have put in place."


Does this in effect mean more youth and no major quality signings?

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On the subject of bringing in promising new and young talent.


Have a look at these World Cup Stars..


(Now how do I get my hands on one of THESE?


(Calendar FFS Calendar)


If you're after an alternative countdown to this summer's World Cup, then look no further. The 2014 babes calendar is here.

Created by American photographer Tim Tadder, the 2014 World Cup calendar - to give it its official name - features beautiful models showing off their skills around Brazil.

Twelve stadiums have been digitally integrated with some of the South American country's most stunning scenery to create the backdrops for each image.

Scroll down for video of how the calendar was shot





Samba style: A model sporting the colours of World Cup holders Spain shows off her skills near the coast


article-2543220-1AAFF35F00000578-276_634x422.jpgOn the run: Mexico's girl takes on a Holland player but Javier Hernandez and Co will face the hosts Brazil when the real tournament gets underway







Eyes on the prize: Nigeria are hoping to become the first African nation to win the World Cup this year




Home advantage: Hosts Brazil are tipped to do well on home soil when the tournament gets underway in June









This explores the idea of football being at the heart of Brazilian life, the people who live there and among the country's vast landscape.


Tadder travelled around Brazil to capture the stadiums and scenery before his colleague, Mike Campau, blended in pictures of the models pulling off tricks, flicks and bicycle kicks.

With the girls each sporting the colours of a qualified nation, the result is an eye-catching set of images which are sure to get viewers even more excited about this summer's football extravaganza.

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