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Forster or McCarthy?

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Fraser has improved the areas in his game he was criticised before he left for Celtic .. coming back working under Ralph with Kelvin Davies he definitely gets out quicker to danger commands his area better .. has a vocal understanding with his defenders and has improved in narrowing angles from shots .. the only thing I havnt seen yet is him getting down to free kicks .. he used to dive in instalments..but now looks a lot more assured between the sticks .

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1 hour ago, stevy777_x said:

There ‘appeared’ to be warning no shout is enough here to say you are just assuming that McCarthy doesn’t communicate.

From the games I am looking at I am in no way of determining who communicates better between Forster and McCarthy and you as well. So your or other posters’ assumption that Forster faces less shots on goal because he shouts /commands more his defenders is utter bollox. 

Open your ears mush.

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