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Energy prices


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On 23/09/2021 at 21:18, Warriorsaint said:

I am talking relatively recently like the companies going bust in uk due to supposed global conditions. I, with admittedly my anti brexit bias, attribute a lot of the issues here down to brexit exacerbating the issue.

If it is exactly the same everywhere in the world to the same extent then I can happily accept that.

If, however, it is happening in the UK because the media is not telling us the international dimension then I can attribute our issues, at least in part, to the unique issue of Brexit having a disproportionate effect on our utility companies.

 I am not fully aware of the global picture so can be persuaded but it does seem more than coincidental.

Good old Brexit, the cause of all the issues in the EU, again!



Energy prices have hit record highs for various reasons, including high demand for natural gas as economies recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The European Commission has been under pressure to act on the price crunch.

The wholesale price of gas has increased by 250% since January, triggering a knock-on spike in costs for consumers and businesses.

Odd that the EU don't mention 'Brexit' as one of the various reasons...

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On 23/09/2021 at 09:44, suewhistle said:

True dat, but my near neighbours in the terrace offer me wood and kindling, so reckon I won't get complaints there and at least I'm not taking gas away from them.  It helps to burn efficiently with seasoned wood. All mine is scrounged and processed myself and I work 2/3 years ahead. Trousers is obviously posh 'coz he actually buys wood!


I'm with Octopus who are well financed. They are also good at their calculations for hedging and fixing futures so hope they'll be OK. All the companies do this based on their own consumers, which is why they will be objecting to taking on new customers for which they cannot haven't calculated and can only supply based on buying in expensive power from the wholesale market.

I was on Octopus Agile and still have the app which shows me the half hour prices which are based on the wholesale market and even though they are capped at 33p they are frankly horrendous all through the 24 hours. We need the autumn gales as soon as possible!

Edit: you've reminded me I need to get the sweep in. Last three years he's been round, had a look and told me it doesn't need sweeping..

I'm looking to go to Octopus as I have solar and batteries.  I thought the electric prices were high from 17:00 to 19:00 and were much lower during the early hours than during the day. Is that not the case?

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