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Match Commentators Nightmare


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Just a bit of fun but having not much to do today, thought how challenging it would be for match commentators if a Saints team turned out with a number of players all sharing the same surname.

Surprisingly it only took me 5 minutes to rattle of a list of such players (in their appropriate position) and limited to players who I have actually seen play for the Saints ie

1. Davis (Kelvin)

2. Williams (Stuart)...........Wallace (Ray)

3. Adams (Micky)

4. Williams (Steve)

5. Earles (Mick)

6. Armstrong (Ken)

7. Armstrong (Stuart)..........Williams(Osher)

8. Adams (Che).................. Earls (Pat)

9. Armstrong (Alan)

10. Armstrong (David).........Davis (Steve)

11. Wallace (Danny).............Wallace (Rodney)


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14 hours ago, Badger said:

Davis (K), Davis (S) as you’ve already got, plus for a bit of variation:

Davies (R). 

As well as the northern Irish Steven Davis we had another Steve Davis in the late 80's. 

And there was Kevin Davies as well as Kelvin Davis

Plus Andrew Davies!

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I've wanted to sit down for a while and come up with a full XI of players where just 1 letter has been added, changed or taken away from the name.  The forward line is looking pretty tasty...

Kane, Mane, Sane

Kante in midfield.  

Dante (plays for Nice) at centre back

Any additions?

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