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  1. Maybe i'm naive but i'm sure that any normal human being would not allow this to go on if they truly believed it was happening and they could stop it.
  2. Paedophiles are notoriously devious and clever in hiding their actions, maybe he fooled Ted Bates who may well have investigated the allegations and concluded there was nothing to answer for. Or maybe another board member investigated, Ted wasn't running the entire club alone.
  3. If you take into account that of that expediture there was a total of £86m spent on Boufal, Clasie, Lemina, Hoedt, Carrillo and Gunn of which he had very little service out of and they left the club either on a free or peanuts then he has done an even better job.
  4. It's interesting that the first wasn't scored until 2016 and the vast majority have been scored in the last 3 years, which suggest that he wasn't a regular taker earlier in his career.
  5. Having a larth Crooks is away with the fairies...
  6. No shame in today's performance against a good Wolves team.... Could've been a different result on another day.
  7. I had to mark the occasion with memories of this classic match...
  8. The longer the season goes on the better he gets and that was the ultimate all round midfield display from him and he must be in the top few English CMs right now.His fitness levels are unbelievable and he does more running at the end of a match than anyone. I don't think anybody will be asking the question of "what if Newcastle come in with a big offer?" now.
  9. Jordan Henderson looks as thick as mince. John Terry takes the all time biggest twat award of the PL age.
  10. I'd forgotten just how good Hassan Kachloul was for us and what about that volley from Mark Hughes!...😲
  11. Big grass roots local derby on saturday with Sholing (4th) taking on promotion rivals Totton (2nd) at home, should be a bumper crowd for this one... https://twitter.com/sholingfc/status/1475449481567129602/photo/1
  12. I don't think it's a coincidence that the defence seemed more balanced and solid today even after the red card, KWP is an all round better RB than Tino which is unsurprising given the latter's lack of experience although I realise that this may be an unpopular opinion.
  13. We only win when Stuey is on the pitch so here's hoping..
  14. One of my favourite periods as a Saints fan with Shearer, Rod Wallace and Le Tiss causing havoc almost exactly 31 years ago to the day...
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