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  1. Vestegaard needs to leave ASAP, he is awful, playing us right into trouble!
  2. He did really well against United earlier in the season too
  3. Delle Ali is like an OAP compared to the others mentioned!
  4. Jack has been a man mountain the last 4 or 5 games, hasn't made a notable mistake. I love eating my words when it comes to him at the moment!
  5. I was in the car on the way home after the palace game and listening to Berties interview on radio solent he mentioned something of note, he said "after the Everton game the manager has made a few tactical tweaks and is playing players in their preferred positions, asking them to do what they are good at and what they are comfortable doing" seems like Ralph has learned from his early season blunders and is now reaping the fruits of sensible decisions. Long may it continue, we have looked mustard the last few weeks!
  6. Hey all I know here’s some NFL fans kicking about his forum and was wondering if anyone had any streams for the redzone channel? Cheers (sport if there’s already a thread going I searched for it but couldn’t find it)
  7. Cédric makes performance against manure was still better than any of valerys performances this season.
  8. I’ve seen him loads around Bournemouth where I live and the guy is massive. He’s come into the jerk hut in boscombe when I was eating I’m there once with a few other Bournemouth players and he seems like a well mannered and soft spoken young man
  9. Romeu was an absolute beast in the second half today! One of his best games for a long time
  10. Romeu was a beast in the second half today!
  11. Might want to check the authenticity of his birth certificate judging by the picture in the article he looks a lot older than 21
  12. WHAT A GOAL!! first two touches as well
  13. Hopefully this red card opens up the game a bit. It looks like we’re playing for the draw, no one wants to take a risk and make a mistake
  14. Happy with the first half performance, they didn’t have a sniff apart from that one moment of magic from mane. Adams had a decent performance and put himself about a bit, think he’ll get us a few goals this season. Redmond and jwp also squirted themselves well. Second half there was some worrying signs, defensive error which lead to a goal. Romeu seemed to tire quickly in the second half letting players run past him easily but his yellow might have hampered his game and it showed a lack of depth In that position when he went off which is going to be a sore point this season. Valery seemed to shrink in the second half, didn’t close down his man quickly and letting the ball bounce and ducking out of the way of it from Liverpool clearances before giving it away wasn’t pretty to watch, apart from the cross to Ings and one tackle he offered very little after a good first half. And if there was ever a ref performance that favoured the top 6 today was it, some of Andre’s decisions were mind boggling, Romeus yellow and that tackle against Moussa where he didn’t blow up.
  15. His debut at Chelsea was his best game for us, his shot stopping was excellent, he parried shots into safe areas and was very quick off his line that night but he’s been on a slippery slope ever since. Much like the 3 in front of him I feel he is prone to a howler or lapse in concentration.
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