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  1. Jake Flannigan just joined Bognor on loan from Havant. As a season ticket holder, it will be interesting to watch him down at Nyewood Lane. Shame it hasn't worked out for him so far in his career. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. merrimd


    I think they are probably getting a lot closer than that. Interesting watch this :- . I didnt realise Hawk-eye were doing it.
  3. 4 youth players in the starting lineup and 4 on the bench. Absolutely love that!!!! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  4. Stopped being a season ticket holder at Saints 2 years ago. Used £200 of the money saved to get a season ticket at my local non-league team. Drinking beer whilst watching, decent burgers, not awful standard of football and chatting to the players in the bar afterwards! Not sure you will ever get me back to a top flight game again!
  5. merrimd

    Danny Ings

    If it is a loan deal as described, does that mean he can't play against liverpool this season?
  6. I am not so sure. Would we have picked up 8 more points over the last season had he been in charge for the whole time? I would think that performances since he got in would suggest that he would.
  7. Probably in a significant minority, and I hated him as a player, but I do enjoy listening to Joey Barton.
  8. No restriction of trade here though. He can start to "apply his trade" the minute the clock hits 11pm on thursday. As Tom28 says, thats up to him. We are just restricting him from applying his trade elsewhere, as per the legal document signed just a few months ago. If he went to court, and won, then football contracts will no longer be worth the paper they are written on. Players will be able to push for a move to another club even when the valuation is not met. The transfer system will completely breakdown and clubs will go to the wall.
  9. To be fair, MP was asked if he had been training with the first team which is when he said he has had a virus the last 2 days and so has not been training. I dont think he ever actually said he was not playing because of the virus. Cant imagine anyone thought he might play tomorrow.
  10. Seems to me that he is just being very pedantic. In his talkSport interview with White, he specifically said he had not put in a WRITTEN transfer request. He was very keen to be that specific. I feel that he probably did a VERBAL request which is what Les is referring too. However, I would be royally hacked off if one of our new players spent so much time discussing his previous club!
  11. So 40pts has been enough to keep you safe in all of the last 10 years? Pretty good benchmark I would say. Unless we wanted a benchmark of what would get us relegated, but I guess no one wanted that!
  12. Romeu is more of a replacement for Morgan which is what we missed last season. Our system does not require a Big Vic type destroyer which helps us turn defence into attack in an instant, as was displayed yesterday. I do get the feeling that Romeu also loves being here. I honestly could see him seeing out his career with us. Vic was always going to leave, and will leave spurs the second he gets an offer from a bigger team. For me, Romeu all day long, and thats not just because Vic has gone!
  13. 7:10am thursday morning from gatwick to bologna, then train into milan. Coming back saturday so hopefully missing the chaos!!!
  14. Really surprised we have let this happen. England have already sent our first choice back injured, it makes no sense to then send them our second choice. This could come back and bite us!!!!
  15. http://www.saintsfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/20160711-graziano-pelle-announcement-southampton-shandong-luneng-3178958.aspx
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