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  1. About time Bognor was placed in quarantine 😉 I expect there will be armed milita at the Dorset/Hampshire border to stop us BH mavericks from invading though.
  2. KD "easy with that hamstring James, chuckle" JWP "ha, ha, ha".
  3. Sadly I feel the oncoming "Paul Merson's Team of the Week" is just a kneejerk appointment away.
  4. Just realised I'm getting ready to watch today's games with my main anxiety being we'll be 2nd at the end of the day. Very strange, but nice.
  5. This man https://twitter.com/TheNigelAdkins/status/1324832211145760775
  6. I like being top. I really like the appreciation of some rather good footy we are playing.
  7. Ditto here re images. On either of my laptops it's just blank. Trust me. I need pictures to make sense of things these days, if not flow diagrams and crayons.
  8. When Bertie was doing his interview and they reminded him of the 9-0 he asked if they were going to talk about the 8-0 as well. It went over the interviewer's head, suspect he didn't know what Bertrand was referring to, not part of the agenda. Ancelotti loses some of the respect I had for him with the red card comments, but then if he wants his players to act like headless chickens . . . .
  9. We should adopt one of the unambitious L1 clubs as a feeder/B team, someone like Portsmouth maybe.
  10. Pace is the key. If we continue to have both backs so high up the pitch we'll always be open to the fast counter attack. They (unfortunately) have a decent manager who does tactics 'n' stuff, so will be a tough one.
  11. Can't argue with that. great goal.
  12. This is funny though, well the look on Jose's face as the og went in was
  13. I'm a generous guy. 5-0 would put them back where they belong, below us in the table.
  14. Mine also included an invite from a Russian girlie called spunknia or something to go round hers, only 5 mins away and into plump 63yr olds apparently. BT don't give you that. Great result despite the defensive fustrations. We are not boring.
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