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  1. Christ knows ? parting his hair
  2. That made oi laff that did. Clear and obvious error ???
  3. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-southampton-vs-burnley-live-streaming Usual warnings about pop ups, thai girls living near you wanting to 'chat' and making millions from home doing bugger all.
  4. Dislike Burnley fans, hate 1200 ko's, don't rate Andre 'two blows' Marriner. What could possibly go wrong.
  5. I was sort of hoping the nurses would invade the pitch with banners saying they've had their pay cut by 16% in real terms over the last ten years . While the teachers say protesting is just too risky for loverly professionals like them so can some min wage chaps, or parents do it at home, for them instead.
  6. Nice cross from Shaw. Good finish.
  7. Bloody right. Have the players been instructed not to cross, face the albanian goal or pass forward in their third of the pitch? Oh for a JWP give 'n' go.
  8. A fond memory of Frank was him scoring against Coventry, with one of the tamest headers I've ever seen. We were behind the goal, he didn't really bother to jump, the ball just bounced off his head in slow motion and looped in. It was the first game I'd taken a couple of new chums to after starting my nurse training in Chichester, we won 8-2, followed by a 5-0 win over spurs. They thought it was like watching Brazil. RIP Frank.
  9. Someone's been working hard with the big guy getting down.
  10. I'm getting confused about which goal I'm celebrating now
  11. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-afc-bournemouth-vs-southampton-fc-live-streaming Links live a few mins before the game starts. Usual naughty ads.
  12. I agree, but also like woodsaint1 he always makes me nervous. I think he's benefited from no crowds as you could hear the anxiety from supporters, which made him more anxious. We should remember not to over react when one of his sweeper type runs ends in disaster, it does even for the best occasionally.
  13. And yet the footy sages on rawk are posting this sort of bizzare stuff - Decisions this game (For/against) - nothing to do with how well/poorly Liverpool are playing - just wondering just how shite Friend is. [=] Correct decision (Neither for/against Liverpool or Fulham) [-] Incorrect decision (against Liverpool) Incorrect decision (for Liverpool) Number shows comparison between for/against FIRST HALF 00:07 Blatent foul on our Williams. Utterly ignored by the ‘referee’. Liverpool players go mad. [-1] [-1] 01:17 Afters on Jota. Totally ignored by the ‘referee’ [-1] [-2]
  14. You ish alls mi bestest fwends, no reallys you ish.
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