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  1. I was thinking this y’day - hasn’t Ings got 3 this season, played most games? Broja has had what 3 starts, 2 goals? He was pretty good Saturday, although I’d still like him to be paired with AA.
  2. True. 2 people have now been confirmed as calling Theo a cunt. More rife than COVID this player bashing.
  3. Yeah Peterborough was a basket case for years. Funny club who used to play some good footie. I remember our games in League 1, didn’t we get a 4-4 there or similar.
  4. Yep, but any week now we’re going to beat someone. We’re playing really well. We’ve played all the hard games. other than playing 3 games against teams around us in Leeds, Wolves and Burnley and got 4 points. Just no one tells us which week, or which team 😅 Also, we are averaging about 0.77 points per game. Our bad run averaged almost the same. But this season is different, or something.
  5. Flavio Briatore I think. They never seemed to recover from that era, although they had a few strange owners around that time.
  6. And Wolves weren’t 11th when we played us, we were next to one another when we played.
  7. Yeah I knew this bit just not the outside the box. Was it introduced this season as Bednarek presumably wouldn’t have been sent off this session for his red at Old Trafford last season?
  8. Yeah fair enough, wasn’t aware was only in the box
  9. McGuire challenger no red for me, he made an attempt to get the ball, which in a goal scoring position means it is a yellow, wasn’t wreckless alas Pogba.
  10. Yep, hoping for Utd. I could see that Ronaldo kick being red for a different club.
  11. Not just our club that does that then!
  12. @John B - What’s up John, haven’t heard back from you - you been reading this 😂
  13. Yeah, get that, see my reply above to Minsk, people always spout during the game, i tend to take those posts with a pinch of salt, it is the ones after the whistle I prefer reading and engaging with.
  14. Ok, didnt read back that far as was at the game. So, 1 person used that term. Hardly endemic is it. I agree people do knee jerk during the game, I dont usually post when the game is on, maybe half time and after, as i prefer to watch the actual game. But that is natural for people to spout off during the 90 mins. My point was more about after the match, i think people have been pretty level headed, not really wetting beds.
  15. Not sure ive seen anyone wetting knickers or calling anyone a c*nt. Indictative of the modern day ‘offended by anything, so I will make stuff up’ culture, I guess. People have a right to complain and say things as they see it, doesn’t mean they’re foot stamping - I mean are you happy with one win in nine, or 6 wins in 31 going back to Jan 21?
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