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  1. Oh, oh, oh, and do we get to do this with fans also 🤔
  2. Missed two sitters 😂 That made me chuckle.
  3. It’s brilliant isn’t it 😆 Gatusso is a car crash waiting to happen, I’d be amazed if they kept Kane after appointing him, also be great for them to sound that Kane money too, although to be fair Levy has been pretty shrewd on transfers.
  4. Thank god for that, no way we we have wanted Rose.
  5. So we’re kind of saying the same thing then.
  6. Yes, not sure why you’re asking that. I just said something looks to be going on, didn’t even say with us.
  7. What’s going on with Minamino then, hasn’t he just left the Japan squad…
  8. I agree there would have been serious shouts for the tournament to be needed, but I very much doubt it would be stopped even if a player died. They may postpone games for a couple of days, but that’s likely about all they’d do.
  9. It is hardly like the transfer window is on fire with deals being announced by all other clubs on the hour. There is a major tournament that has just started, that also makes some things more difficult. Do you know his agent? I doubt you do, so doubt you know what is going on in truth, none of us do, but transfers are complicated and have many different things going on. And if we get some player that barely anyone had heard of before watching their YouTube video and feeling robbed if we dont, then we move on to someone else. What I expect happens, is that we approach multi
  10. It’s never been the same for me if Pavarotti isn’t singing it. Best World Cup for anthems IMO Italia 90
  11. Yeah, I think Perraud is going to hit the ground running, quite like what ive seen and heard, although vids can be pretty misleading. I think we may see more advance from our wing backs as he will mirror KWP, perhaps with a MF moving back to cover depending which wing back is more advanced - think this will essentially convert as a back 3 temporarily.
  12. Ok, if that is what you want to think. We did set up as 4222, but as I said - was in game changes. We did this for sure in the last couple of games and also i think going back a little further.
  13. We did particularly towards the end of the season, was in game changes.
  14. Well, we will see during the first half of next season.
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