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  1. Also very unlikely that Chelsea would have sanctioned a move directly to Man Utd. At least with Saints they know they can insert a buy back clause etc, and I assume a sell on clause if we sell to anyone but Chelsea.
  2. Looking at the positives. Diallo is starting to look like a player. Ward Prowse and Bendarek look like they should (PL Players) N’Lundulu building some confidence. Watts looks like a prospect for the future. On the other side: Valery is all over the place. He’s obviously got some talent, but sharpness and decision making seem missing. Long is past it. Stephens confirming what we already knew. Vokins doesn’t look great (but a better back up than Valery) Chauke bit hard for him to get into this.. we’ll see in the future
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    Don’ think it’s a coincidence that he’s not played well in last few games and overall team performance has gone a bit stagnant. We need him to get his touch and confidence back.
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