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  1. Agreed - ahead of Stephens surely. He was a big part in Stephens playing well in the centre back partnership
  2. The pictures also back to front?!
  3. There'll be plenty of jobs in farming, food processing,healthcare and many other industries and services following Brexit due to Johnny foereigner no longer being able to come here so no problems there then eh?
  4. I agree with you - he was immense.
  5. Not sure whether those are this years figs but interesting that the top 8 all look like finishing in the top 8! Also indicates how comparatively well Spuds did on their business compared to say ManUre
  6. Has to be Channon at number 8 and Bale at 10 for me. Killer at number 5, possibly Golac at number 2 and Dennis at number 3 Dia at 12 I'd have big Ron in there?
  7. Another promising career ruined as the Bank Of Southampton arrange new refinancing deal for our legendary club
  8. He did have a bad season but thought he was back to his best when we went up to the Premier. Team balance I guess is obviously an issue but for most of his Saints career he was exceptional and his call up to Portugal was evidence of this.
  9. Any papers touting Yoshi for a big summer move yet and if so what are they saying he's worth?
  10. Beginning to think Fonte is a Saints secret agent at WHU. Whenever I see him play he's costing them goals it seems - really surprised as I thought he would settle in quickly and be an asset to them for a couple of years. Is it another shrewd piece of work by Saints along the lines of Rickie Lambert, is he just taking time to settle or is the WHU set up not suiting his style or what? Certainly a mixed bag on KUMB when it comes to him.
  11. In retrospect it's clearly designed to cover up Trumps earlier faux pas of mentioning the Swedish terrorist attack several weeks early.....conspiracy anyone?! Where's pap when you need him
  12. And he also seems to be permanently on the brink of cracking up!
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