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  1. The laws are clear... ......it is not an offence if the ball touches a player’s hand/arm: directly from the player’s own head or body (including the foot) In this case, Sterlings thigh deflected the ball to his hand...not Handball.
  2. There is an offer for 50% off the annual plan for peacock premium which might be useful to those who don't get it free. Use promo code today50 when signing up for annual plan. Reduces cost to $24.99 +tax for 12 months. Might not work on existing accounts, so I just signed up with a new email address.
  3. Genuine LOL's at this wonderful partnership - Poopey and Mustryharder - a match made in the football and business wilderness.
  4. To be fair, Plymouth were not in it 2nd half. Could have been worse for them.
  5. Special dispensation again, eh? The cynic in me says it is somewhat convenient that they emergency loan a keeper to go straight into the first team. Hopefully it leads to lots of cock-ups with an unfamiliar defence.
  6. Well - it is a 100% factual PortsMyth that we got a free stadium when Markus bought us - so it seems only fair that they should get a free stadium too.
  7. Little Ol' Bournemouth - on the brink of exiting the football league just a few short years ago to now joining the Premier League. Surely a bittersweet moment for fatpipes fans serving as a beacon of hope for what can be achieved whilst at the same time reminding them of their increasing insignificance in the South Coast football pecking order. Of course, they'll all be b'muff fans for at least two days next season. Something for them to look forward to at least.
  8. Fratton Park is falling down...... Quality article from the souths No1 journo.. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/pompey/light-relief-for-fratton-park-as-summer-upgrade-targeted-1-6659960
  9. Assist for the second goal provided by the septic isles favorite ticket booth attendant.
  10. Admit it - you'd give up the chase for Champions League football to be able to nip into Tescos at half-time for a scotch egg and a curlywurly.
  11. I only watched the 2nd half - and there was only one side in it. Well deserved Aldershot.
  12. Its worse for them in the Conference. All creditors must be repaid in full or its automatic relegation.
  13. And who do they think will save them? They are throwing out names like Warnock, Mackay and Holloway. I'm sure they can't wait to get down to Fatpipes to chase a lost cause for 7 games.
  14. No rota needed. Will take care of itself soon enough.
  15. Even in that article it says he bought himself out of the army....only to immediately be contradicted by Whittingham's quote which says Gregory paid the fee. Quality journalism
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