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  1. Better forwards and Leicester would have won that. I’ll take the point. Well fought by both sides.
  2. As Ralph said, it’s expensive to criticise the referee!
  3. Fair play to the fantasy football player who got 48 points from that game.
  4. A pleasing win. Watford are a good side and scored 5 against Everton last week. Could easily have scored a few against Saints, but for great goalkeeping and last ditch defending.
  5. If I were them I would go for Mason Mount. A better prospect.
  6. Hopefully Chelsea are developing other young players to replace him at Saints when he moves on.
  7. Just seen the goal on YouTube. Clinical passing and finishing by Djenepo, Redmond and Broja. And the roar of relief at St Mary’s. Sweet.
  8. He wasn’t angry, he just chuckled. I wonder what he was supposed to say when asked to talk about that part of the match, which was a key moment in the drama. No comment? At least Thomas Tuchel behaved much worse with his reaction to the overturned Chelsea goal, and got yellow carded. I assume his fine and penalty will be more serious than Ralph’s. Or am I being naive? I hope not.
  9. At least he didn’t react as badly as Thomas Tuchel did to the disallowed goal. He chuckled about the VAR decision and looked embarrassed. I wonder what he was supposed to say. No comment?
  10. Best of luck to Ralph. I think he’s got a good career ahead of him after he leaves Saints.
  11. JWP didn’t go in with both feet. It was a one footed tackle, a bit like Chilwell’s on Livramento, for which he didn’t even get a yellow.
  12. Why is there no one on the back post?
  13. Having watched the highlights I hope they appeal the red card. A bit reckless but should have been yellow I think. Clearly went for the ball and kept his leg close to the ground, just possibly catching the back of Jorginho’s foot. Much less contact than Walker on Armstrong and that wasn’t even given as a foul, by the same referee I think.
  14. Reminds of the Burnley route 1 goal last season - Vydra? Opposing managers must know it’s a Saints weakness. Although it shouldn’t be at this level.
  15. Did we miss Jack Stephens or would it have been worse if he’d played?
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